How long did the 2010 2011 floods last?

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How long did the 2010 2011 floods last?

Major flooding at Theodore persisted for more than two weeks. Emerald was cut off by road on 29 December as the Nogoa River rose. By the next day, the river surpassed the 2008 flood peak level of 15.36 metres (50.4 ft).

What caused the 2010 2011 floods?

The floods were caused by heavy rain from tropical cyclone “Tasha” that joined with a trough during a La Niña event. La Niña is an unusual weather pattern, which brings wet weather to eastern Australia. The 2010 La Niña was the strongest since 1973. This caused heavy rainfall across Queensland.

Is Bundaberg flood prone?

Bundaberg had experienced one of the largest floods in its history, with the Burnett River which measuring 9.53m. Over 7,500 residents were evacuated causing extensive damage to property and infrastructure.

When was the last time Bundaberg floods happened?

The most recent of these flood events occurred in January 1942, February 1971, December 2010, January 2011, and most significantly in January 2013 when record rainfalls and flooding occurred across the region. During the January 2013 event, flood depths of up to 3 m and high flow velocities (up to 5m/s) were experienced in parts of North Bundaberg.

Where is Bundaberg on the Burnett?

• The town of Bundaberg is on the Burnett River in the Burnett catchment • The flood heights at Bundaberg are measured on a manual gauge owned by the Bureau of Meteorology (Bureau station number: 039170).

How many people were evacuated from North Bundaberg during the event?

During the event, a large number of people were evacuated including approximately 5000 residents from North Bundaberg.

How much rain did the Burnett catchment get in 2011?

• Over 600mm recorded throughout most of Burnett catchment during December 2010 to January 2011 • Heavy rainfall of over 100mm throughout most of Burnett catchment between 9am on 26/12/2010 and 9am on 29/12/2010. The southern part of the Burnett catchment recorded over 300mm between 9am on 07/01/2011 and 9am on 13/01/2011. Figure 3.

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