How hot does it get in Regina Saskatchewan?

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How hot does it get in Regina Saskatchewan?

In Regina, the summers are long, comfortable, and partly cloudy and the winters are frigid, snowy, windy, and mostly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from -2°F to 79°F and is rarely below -26°F or above 89°F.

What type of climate is Regina?

Climate. Regina experiences a warm summer humid continental climate (Köppen: Dfb), with more than 70% of average annual precipitation in the warmest six months, and is in the NRC Plant Hardiness Zone 3b. Regina has warm summers and cold, dry winters, prone to extremes at all times of the year.

How often does it snow in Regina?

How Often it Snows in Regina

Days Centimetres
2.7 October 7
8.2 November 13
11.7 December 20
56.2 Year 100

Is Regina humid in summer?

The average humidity is 65%. The average wind speed is 18 kph (11 mph). In July, the warmest month of the year, the weather in Regina is usually warm.

Is Regina dry or humid?

Why does Saskatchewan get so hot?

Saskatchewan is located in the centre of the continent – far from any moderating oceanic influences. As a result the temperature is primarily determined by the heat energy radiating from the sun. In addition, a variety of air masses and wind regimes bring with it diverse weather experiences.

What is the most humid city in Canada?

St. Catharines, Ontario, takes the cake for being the sweatiest city in Canada. To determine the results, HouseFresh used data provided by, which reports in detail the typical weather for 145,449 regions around the world.

Is Saskatchewan hot in summer?

Saskatchewan summers are usually warm and dry. High temperatures range from 15 C (60 F) in May to the mid-30s C (90-95 F) in July and August. We average the most sunshine of any Canadian province; nights tend be cool.

Is Regina a good city to live in?

There are many benefits to living in Regina. The city has a strong economy, low taxes, and a more affordable cost of living. And, there is ample opportunity for personal and professional growth. But, if there is one thing people say is not appealing about the city, it’s the cold weather.

Is Regina a cool city?

Saskatchewan capital Regina ranked a respectable 97th place out of 415 cities across the country. Its best categories were amenities, population growth and access to health care, losing points for its crime rate.

Is Regina colder than Edmonton?

Rounding out the top three in most categories is Regina, Saskatchewan. It ranks second for coldest nights and third for both measures of freezing weather….Coldest Climate.

City Low °F Low °C
Sherbrooke, Quebec 29 -1.6
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 29 -1.5
Sudbury, Ontario 30 -1.0
Edmonton, Alberta 30 -1.0

Which part of Canada is hottest?

The Village of Lytton in the B.C. Interior only has a population of around 250 people but in the last two days, it has made headlines around the world. The small community now has the unenviable title of being the hottest place ever recorded in Canada.

Is Regina colder than Calgary?

Sherbrooke and Thunder Bay share the title for shortest frost-free season, both averaging just 111 days. Rounding out the top three in most categories is Regina, Saskatchewan….Coldest Climate.

City Low °F Low °C
Regina, Saskatchewan 26 -3.2
Winnipeg, Manitoba 27 -2.7
Saguenay, Quebec 27 -2.6
Calgary, Alberta 29 -1.9
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