How heavy is the 4AGE engine?

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How heavy is the 4AGE engine?

The shipping tub is at the engine shop, so I can’t give an exact weight for it, but it’s safe to say it weighs at least 30 lbs. That leaves the basic 4age long-block at about 185 lbs….Toyota 4age Engine Weight.

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Does 4A-GE have VVT?

When Toyota went to the 20 valve engine from the 16V it introduced the first form of Variable valve timing (VVT) for any A series engine. It is the most simple form of variable valve timing in that it is not only on just the intake cam but it works only on two preset positions.

What is the best 4A-GE?

The Formula Atlantic-spec 4AGE engine is considered the Holy Grail of all 4AGEs, as it was developed by TRD to produce 250 hp and 130 ft-lb of torque, and revs up to 10,000 rpm.

Should I buy a turbo kit for my 4agze?

If you are starting with a 4AGZE and want to turbo it then up to stock GZE boost levels all you need to worry about is the turbo kit. If you want to run more than 8 PSI you need to decide if buying a gruntbox and working with what you have will be the best route or if you should upgrade to something with more control.

What is the most powerful 16 valve 4AGE engine?

The most powerful 16-valve version of the 4AGE is called the “Red Top”, which is attributed to the color of the “Twin Cam 16 Valve” lettering on the engine’s valve cover.

How many psi boost can a stock na 4AGE run?

A stock internals NA 4AGE might be able to run 30 PSI boost if it was running race gas with meth injection and a perfect tune. You could just as easily blow it up at 6 PSI if you did something wrong. Different gauges will have different levels of importance for different builds. In my opinion this is vital for any build beyond light mods.

What is the difference between a 16 valve and 20 valve 4AGE?

Compared to the 16-valve version, the 20-valve 4AGE now has Toyota’s Variable Valve Timing system (VVT) on the intake cam, and has a higher compression ratio compared to the Red Top 16-valve. The result is a more powerful engine with 155 hp and 119 lb-ft of torque.

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