How does polder model work?

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How does polder model work?

According to Fortuyn, the Polder Model is a system in which “one speaks with one another until one has reached some form of agreement and all responsibilities have evaporated. Thereafter we have ‘done it together’ and no one can be held accountable for the outcomes, not even if these outcomes are failing policies.”

Who created the polder model?

It is thought that the Dutch politician Ina Brouwer was the first to use the term poldermodel, in her 1990 article “Het socialisme als poldermodel?” (Socialism as polder model?), although it is uncertain whether she coined the term or simply seems to have been the first to write it down.

What are polders in the Netherlands?

Polders are tracts of land that lie below sea level and are reclaimed from the ocean, lakes, rivers or wetlands through the building of dykes, drainage canals and pumping stations, according to Dutch experts that CNA spoke to. “Polders are land reclamations, but not all land reclamations are polders.

Is polder economic social or political?

The Dutch polder model is traditionally characterised by an active and constructive dialogue between trade unions and employers’ organisations. This social system dates from the period after the oil crisis between 1979 and 1982.

How did the Dutch make polders?

The traditional polders in The Netherlands have been formed from the 12th century onwards, when people started creating arable land by draining delta swamps into nearby rivers. In the process, the drained peat started oxidizing, thus soil levels lowered, up to river water levels and lower.

Why did the Dutch initially create polders?

The Dutch people inhabiting the region had at first built primitive dikes to protect their settlements from the sea. In the northern parts of the Netherlands sea levels fell exposing new land at a rate of 5–10 meters per year between 500 BC and 500 AD. This natural process was exploited to claim new agricultural lands.

Is New Orleans a polder?

New Orleans consists to a large extent of polders. At the North and West side the area has to be protected against flooding by the Mississippi River. At the South and West side it has to be protected against flooding from the Carribean (Figure 1). The US Army Corps of Engineers publishes Polder Vertical Datum Reports.

What country uses polders?

What polder means?

Definition of polder : a tract of low land (as in the Netherlands) reclaimed from a body of water (such as the sea)

Is the Netherlands a swamp?

The Netherlands is situated in a low-lying delta formed by the outflow of three major rivers: the Rhine, the Meuse and the Scheldt. In accordance with the Dutch saying that “God created the world and the Dutch created Holland,” the country is in large part an engineered landscape reclaimed from swamps and marshes.

What countries have polders?

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