How do you write a single line comment in PL SQL?

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How do you write a single line comment in PL SQL?

PL/SQL supports two comment styles: single-line and multi-line. Single-line comments begin with a double hyphen ( – – ) anywhere on a line and extend to the end of the line. Multi-line comments begin with a slash-asterisk ( /* ), end with an asterisk-slash ( */ ), and can span multiple lines.

How do I block comments in SQL?

2) Block comments Block comments start with a forward-slash and asterisk (/*) and ends with an asterisk and forward-slash (*/). Everything between forward-slash and asterisk (/*) and ends with an asterisk and forward-slash (*/) is considered as comments.

How do I comment out a block of code in Oracle?


  1. Begin the comment with a slash and an asterisk (/*). Proceed with the text of the comment. This text can span multiple lines. End the comment with an asterisk and a slash (*/).
  2. Begin the comment with — (two hyphens). Proceed with the text of the comment. This text cannot extend to a new line.

How do you comment multiple lines in SQL?

Multi-line comments start with /* and end with */ . Any text between /* and */ will be ignored.

How do you make a SQL query on a single line?

You can format your SQL to one line. Note: Single line comments (start with –) will be convert to multi-line comments (start with /* and end with */)….In order to fill the “Your SQL statement” editor, you can:

  1. Copy and paste your SQL query.
  2. Drag and drop your SQL file.
  3. Directly type your SQL string in the editor.

Can comment also span multiple lines?

Unlike other programming languages Python doesn’t support multi-line comment blocks out of the box. The recommended way to comment out multiple lines of code in Python is to use consecutive # single-line comments.

What is the shortcut for comment in SQL Server?

The keyboard shortcut to comment text is CTRL + K, CTRL + C. The keyboard shortcut to uncomment text is CTRL + K, CTRL + U.

How do you comment a squirrel in SQL?

4 Answers

  1. Select SQL code.
  2. Press CTRL+/ (or CMD+/ on Mac) on the keyboard.
  3. Code will be commented.
  4. If you need to uncomment it, you need to mark commented code and press the same keyboard combination CTRL+/ (or CMD+/ on Mac) on the keyboard Code will become uncommented again:

How do you comment and uncomment in SQL?

What is a block comment?

The second is called a Block comment and refers usually refers to a paragraph of text. A block comment has a start symbol and an end symbol and everything between is ignored by the computer.

What is multiline comment?

Multi-line comments have one or more lines of narrative within a set of comment delimiters. The /* delimiter marks the beginning of the comment, and the */ marks the end. You can have your comment span multiple lines and anything between those delimiters is considered a comment.

How do you highlight and comment in SQL?

To comment or uncomment multiple lines in the web interface > SQL Worksheet:

  1. Highlight multiple lines in the Worksheet. Begin ;
  2. Press CMD + / (Mac) or CTRL + / (Windows). The highlighted lines are commented out.
  3. Press CMD + / (Mac) or CTRL + / (Windows) again. The comments are removed from the highlighted lines.

Can you comment in SQL?

In SQL, you can comment your code just like any other language. Comments can appear on a single line or span across multiple lines.

How do you quickly comment out in SQL?

How do you uncomment multiple lines in SQL Server?

How to comment out in Oracle SQL?

– When to use global hints and how Oracle interprets them – Using EXPLAIN PLAN to learn how the optimizer is executing a query – References in hints to tables within views

How to get table comments via SQL in Oracle?

To add a comment to a table,view,or materialized view,you must have COMMENT ANY TABLE system privilege.

  • To add a comment to an indextype,you must have the CREATE ANY INDEXTYPE system privilege.
  • To add a comment to an operator,you must have the CREATE ANY OPERATOR system privilege.
  • How do you write comments in SQL?

    Prerequisites. To test out the steps provided in this article,you need SQL Server Management Studio,access to a SQL server,and an AdventureWorks database.

  • Comment/uncomment your T-SQL code.
  • Indent your text.
  • Filter objects in Object Explorer.
  • Access your SQL Server error log.
  • Find SQL Server instance name.
  • How do you comment out in SQL?

    Comments can be inserted on a separate line or within a Transact-SQL statement. Multiple-line comments must be indicated by /* and */. A stylistic convention often used for multiple-line comments is to begin the first line with /*, subsequent lines with **, and end with */. There is no maximum length for comments. Nested comments are supported.

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