How do you wish a friend best for their exam?

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How do you wish a friend best for their exam?

Cute exams wishes

  1. On a day like this, all you need is the best of luck and warm hug to crown it all.
  2. I know it’s your exams, I hope this examination turns into your favor.
  3. This morning as you sit for your exams, it’s my prayer that GOD may see you through them.
  4. Not only are you beautiful my dear, but also intelligent.

Do well in exam or do well on exam?

“ Do well on your exams”. Both the sentences are correct. Native speakers would say: * Do well on your exams.

How do you ask someone how they did in exams?

Better don’t ask anyone about exams.. In worst case if you need to ask them, make sure you start the conversation with any general topic and then calmly ask “So, how was your exam?” and please don’t miss the smile on you face while asking this question.

How was the exam or how was your exam?

“How was your exam” and “How did your exam go” are correct. “What was your exam” is incorrect.

What to say to someone who has exams?

Short Text Messages

  • Good luck on your exams!
  • Wishing you all the best on your test!
  • Go get ’em, tiger!
  • You’ve got this.
  • Don’t think about the test; think about the A!
  • You’ve made it so far, and you only have a little ways to go.
  • The test is in the bag.

How do you ask someone for their exams?

How was the exam response?

“ It’s better to reply them “ It was fine”….

  1. They gave me questions I didn’t know, so I gave them answers they don’t know.
  2. The only thing I knew on the exam was my name.
  3. It was great, the person next to me had a great view.
  4. The usual write write daydream.
  5. Hey, I found your nose, it’s in my business again!

How do you encourage someone in exams?

How to help a friend doing exams

  1. Ask them what they need. Every person is different and deals with exams in their own way.
  2. Know their timetable.
  3. Go to the exam centre.
  4. Talk about their last exam.
  5. Spend time together.
  6. Offer to be their study partner.
  7. Share mindfulness practices.
  8. Remind them of their worth.

How do you wish a student exam?

I wish you all the success for your exam! Follow your dreams with dedication and you will surely make all of them come true. Good Luck and all the best for your exam. Hard work always pays in life.

How was your exams or how were your exams?

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