How do you use clashed in a sentence?

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How do you use clashed in a sentence?

Clashed sentence example

  1. The noise of the busy road outside clashed with the calming ethos of the restaurant.
  2. Austrian and Prussian interests clashed in Poland.
  3. Throughout his tenure in Genoa City, Victor Newman and Jack Abbott clashed time and again.

What does it mean to clash with someone?

When people clash, they fight, argue, or disagree with each other.

What does clashed mean?

1 : to make or cause to make the loud sound of metal objects hitting clashing cymbals. 2 : to come into conflict Protesters clashed with the police. 3 : to not go together well Their personalities clashed.

What is the difference between crash and clash?

If someone says they are going to ‘crash’ a party, it means they are going to the party even though they have not been invited. “We decided to crash the party happening in our suburb.” A ‘clash’ is a fight or a dispute.

Is Closh a word?

Closh definition A disease in the feet of cattle; laminitis.

What is an example of clash?

clash noun (FIGHT) a fight or argument between people: Rioters hurled rocks and bottles in clashes with police at the weekend. There were violent clashes between the police and demonstrators in the city centre. fightHe got into a fight in school.

What is a clash meeting?

Clash invariably has the meaning of “meeting or coming together at the same place and/or time with force or violence.

What part of speech is clashes?

intransitive verb

part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: clashes, clashing, clashed
definition 1: to strike together noisily and harshly. As they struck at each other, their swords clashed. synonyms: collide similar words: clang, clangor, clank, clatter, strike

Which personality types clash the most?

Most clashing pairs

  • ESTP & INFP. ESTP- Se Ti Fe Ni. INFP- Fi Ne Si Te.
  • ISTP & ENFP. ISTP- Ti Se Ni Fe. ENFP- Ne Fi Te Si.
  • ESTJ & INFJ. ESTJ- Te Si Ne Fi. INFJ- Ni Fe Ti Se.
  • ISTJ & ENFJ. ISTJ- Si Te Fi Ne.
  • ESFP & INTP. ESFP- Se Fi Te Ni.
  • ISFP & ENTP. ISFP- Fi Se Ni Te.
  • ESFJ & INTJ. ESFJ- Fe Si Ne Ti.
  • ISFJ & ENTJ. ISFJ- Si Fe Ti Ne.

Is Closh a Scrabble word?

No, closh is not in the scrabble dictionary.

How do you contradict something?

  1. ​to say that something that somebody else has said is wrong, and that the opposite is true. contradict something All evening her husband contradicted everything she said.
  2. ​contradict something | contradict each other (of statements or pieces of evidence) to be so different from each other that one of them must be wrong.