How do you say hello in Diwali?

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How do you say hello in Diwali?

To greet someone in Hindi for Diwali it’s best to say Diwali ki Shubhkamnayein or Shush Deepavali. These both mean Happy Diwali.

How do you announce a holiday in Diwali?

The management has planned a small but vibrant Diwali celebration on Thursday at 3 pm which will begin with the Laxmi Puja followed by some entertainment programs and dinner. We request you to please be a part of this celebration. We wish all our employees happy Diwali! Hope you enjoy it.

How do I inform the client of a Diwali holiday?

Diwali Holiday Notification to Customers/Clients (How to Inform Clients/Customers on Diwali Holidays) Dear Sir or Madam, All esteemed customers please note that our office will be closed on the auspicious occasion of Diwali from (date to date). We are thankful to all the customers and regret any inconvenience.

What is a happy Diwali spelling?

Another greeting option to send is “Shubh Diwali,” meaning “Happy Diwali” in Hindi, one of the two official languages of India.

Is Diwali a spelling?

Diwali is pronounced dih-WAH-lee or dih-VAH-lee and can also be spelled Divali and Dewali. Other variants include Deepavali and Deepawali.

Is it rude to say happy Diwali?

Given the joyous nature of the holiday, if you chat with friends who observe Diwali, it’s perfectly appropriate to wish them a “Happy Diwali.”

How do you inform holiday in mail?

Hi [Customer Name], Our business will be celebrating [Public Holiday] this month, so we will be out of office on [Thursday, 26]. For this reason, we [won’t be available to respond to any messages / we’ll be slower to respond than usual].

How do you announce holiday emails?

Email to Announce Christmas Holidays to your Employees. Subject: Christmas Holiday Announcement. Dear all, I hope that all of you are doing great and are having a nice day. We are very happy to announce that the office will remain closed for the Christmas holidays from 20th December till 2nd January 2021.

How do you write a holiday announcement?

Dear employees, It is to inform you on the behalf of (Authority name and job designation) (Company name) that there has been a holiday announced in the company on (Date to Date). The holiday is from the government under the act: abc-123 on the eve of Eid/Puja/Holy Christmas. (Show actual cause).

Is it Dewali or Deepavali?

Both are “Feast of Lights” but the right word to use is Deepavali by South India which actually comes from the Sanskrit vocabulary meaning a ‘line of lamps’. However, this Sanskrit word have been modified by the North Indian people with the use of the word Diwali from their language.