How do you open a cam lock without a key?

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How do you open a cam lock without a key?

For a simple cam lock, you can get an old standard blade screwdriver that you don’t care about messing up. Use a hammer and drive the screwdriver into the key slot, the further the better. Use a pipe wrench on the screwdriver handle, and turn. In most cases, that will torque the lock open.

Are all tubular cam lock keys the same?

Each lock comes with two alike keys, meaning all locks of the same size purchased on this listing can be opened with the same key. NON-KEY RETAINING – For easier use, Admiral Locks Tubular cam lock was designed so that the keys can be removed no matter if it is in a locked position or not.

Are cam locks a standard size?

Standard Cam Lock Length & Dimensions The standard lengths for cam locks are including 5/8″, 7/8″, 1-1/8″ and 1-3/8″.

How do you open a combi cam lock?

To lock, rotate lock to “locked” position. Rotate one or more dials after lock is closed. To open the lock, turn dials to your personal combination. NOTE: If you desire, the Combi-Cam can be installed such that it is non- resettable by the end-user.

How do I know what size cam lock I need?

Female camlock size is determined by measuring the open end or inside diameter of the female camlock. Male camlock size is determined by measuring the outside diameter of the male camlock.

Are cam locks interchangeable?

Are Camlocks Interchangable? Between manufacturers, cam & groove couplings are interchangeable as they are built to the same standards. (The standard for cam & groove couplings is based on the US military specification Mil-C-27487 now superseded by A-A-59326D.

How do you size a cam?

Take your digital caliper and measure the smallest diameter on the cam. This is called the base circle. This cam measured at 1.10 inches and 87 thousandths. The next value you will need is the largest diameter on the cam, the lobe part, which is called the base circle and lobe lift.

How to choose the right cam lock for your Cam?

Offering more security than standard keyed cam locks, these have circular keys that are difficult to duplicate. Choose these locks if you need locks that each open with a different key. Keys can only be removed in the locked position. Select the turn direction when mounting the cam.

What size do B locks come in?

Style B locks are for use in 1/2″ dia. through holes. They come with a straight cam and a reversible offset cam to accommodate different latching distances. For technical drawings and 3-D models, click on a part number.

How do you install a lock on a cam shaft?

Select the turn direction when mounting the cam. Style A lock is for use in 1/4″ dia. through holes. It doesn’t require any tools for installation— insert the shaft through a drilled hole and use the push-on retainer to tension-mount the latch against the inside surface.

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