How do you get DP in NBA Street Volume 2?

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How do you get DP in NBA Street Volume 2?

Get Development Points Easily Go to rules set the game to 50 points, and spot yourself 49 points. Get the ball at the jump ball, take one shot, win, and then you’ll automatically get 150 development points. Go to rematch, and keep repeating this trick to get lots of development points.

How to enter cheats on NBA Street vol 2?

Go to a “pick up Game” then pick a ID. Now enter a code below when the “enter codes now” message comes up. While Holding L1 press Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle.

How do you enter cheats on NBA Street?

At the enter ID screen, hold (R1) and press left left right down X. At the Enter User ID screen, Hold R2 and press Up, Up, Right, Right, X.

How do you serve dinners on the NBA Street?

Tricks. To do a sweet dunk called “Dinner’s Served” run towards the basket holding the L1,L2,R1,R2 buttons and press the circle button. NOTE:You need to have a good supply of turbo to do this.

How do you cheat on NBA Street?

Press and hold hold R1, then press Left x2, Right, Down, X. Or, you can get 20 wins in any mode. Press and hold L2, then press Up, Down x2, Left, and X. Or, you can get 10 wins in any mode.

How do athletes cheat?

The most prevalent kind of cheating as of 2011 is the use of performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids. Baseball media started calling the years between 2000 and 2008 the “Steroid Era” because so many players either admitted to, or were accused of, using steroids or human growth hormones.

How do I say cheater in Spanish?

“cheater” in Spanish

  1. volume_up. embaucador.
  2. estafador.

Who does lebron play for?

Los Angeles LakersLeBron James / Current team (#6 / Power forward, Small forward)

How do you get off Heezy in NBA Street 2?

Off The Heezay : While facing a defender and as you are standing still, hold two Turbo Buttons and press the A Button to pass. then press the A Button to throw a pass to yourself. Trick Button to perform this.

Where did NBA Street come from?

They did their homework, became “eager disciples of street basketball religion,” and paid tribute to the fertile, hallowed grounds of Rucker Park at 155th Street in Harlem. NBA Street Vol. 2 was created over the course of two years at EA’s Vancouver campus by a team led by producer Wil Mozell.

Who are the Streetballers in the new NBA commercial?

In the commercial, anonymous streetballers and NBA standouts like Lamar Odom, Jason Williams, and Baron Davis take turns dancing and working the ball like a yo-yo in the spotlight of an otherwise pitch-black arena. “We were blown away with how the creative [direction] was all about skills and moves of the players,” Mozell said.

What is streetball Vol 2?

The members of the Vol. 2 team set about diligently educating themselves on the history of streetball and hip hop; they pored over books, documentaries, and AND1 mixtapes and visited New York City’s most venerated streetball courts.

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