How do you find errands in Bully?

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How do you find errands in Bully?

You’ll find him under the pier. Snipe him with your Slingshot and return the bear to its owner. What: Swim out to the shipwreck and explore it. Walk to the bow to complete the errand.

Where are the pumpkins in Bully?

Don’t worry if you can’t find them all. After Halloween, any remaining Pumpkins will be stored in the school basement (you’ll explore it at the end of this chapter) and Tombstones at the Spencer Shipping Industries warehouse in Blue Skies Industrial Park (not available ’till Chapter V).

How do you pick up weapons in Bully?

You have to drop them before grappling an opponent. to pick up an item from the ground, and the same button to drop one that you’re holding. Unlike collectibles, they are not picked up automatically.

How do you get a bottle rocket in Bully?

Bottle Rocket Launcher It is obtained from Bucky after Jimmy beats Nerd Challenge.

Can you block in Bully?

In Bully, the double axehandle move that the Townies use goes through Jimmy’s guard, damaging him and knocking him down. In Scholarship Edition, the difficulty of the Townies was toned down, and anyone can block the axehandle.

Can you redo classes in Bully?

The player is also unable to take any classes once they’re expelled after the mission Go See The Principal. After the last storyline mission of the game is completed, Jimmy is reinstated into the Academy and classes can once again be taken like normal.

How do you get a go kart in Bully?

You have to come first in all five of the carnival Kart Races to then unlock the street kart races. There are three street races and after you’ve completed these you will unlock the Go-Kart which is located near the bike garage near school. You are only able to complete the 3rd Street Go-Kart race in Chapter 5.

How do you beat Norton in Bully?

The best strategy is to shoot away at him with the bottle rocket, or fire crackers. Norton moves slowly and his life can easily be whittled down.

How do you get rubber bands in Blue Skies industrial park?

Blue Skies Industrial Park There are 75 blue rubber bands spread throughout the entire map. Collecting all of them is required for 100% completion of the game, and doing so will reward you with the Rubber Band Ball weapon in your inventory.

Where is blue skies industrial park in Bully?

Blue Skies is a borough of Bullworth in Bully. It is the final area that is unlocked for Jimmy late in the game. Blue Skies Industrial Park is the southeastern part of the Town of Bullworth. Aside from a small residential neighborhood, it is dominated by factories and warehouses.

Where can I find a rubber band?

In Blue Skies follow the railway track right to the end and you will find a rubber band. In Blue Skies, behind some chain-link fence between Zoe’s house and the warehouse. On the half-sunken boat off the docks.

Where are the train tracks in Blue Skies?

The Train Tracks also provide boundaries between New Coventry and Bullworth Town, between Blue Skies and the docks, and between Blue Skies and the Happy Volts Asylum. Bully – How to Visit BLUE SKIES in ANY CHAPTER!

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