How do you find African American genealogy?

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How do you find African American genealogy?

Sources for Researching African American Genealogy

  1. Cemeteries.
  2. Funeral homes.
  3. Birth and death certifications.
  4. Marriage and divorce records.
  5. Obituaries.
  6. Published biographies and family histories.
  7. Old city directories and telephone directories.
  8. Social security records.

How do I trace my ancestry back to slavery?

These seven steps can help you get started:

  1. Start with basic genealogy.
  2. Find post-Civil War records.
  3. Zero in on 1870.
  4. Determine the given and surname of the ancestor and his or her slaveholder.
  5. Study your family’s location.
  6. Research “the other family”
  7. Slave documents tell a story.

Can you hire someone to find your ancestry?

AncestryProGenealogists® have over 150 years of combined research experience. Our experts are available to solve genealogical mysteries, perform record searches, help clients find links to unknown parents or family members, and research entire family trees, among other projects.

Is ancestry worth it for African Americans?

One question I get from customers and people at conferences is, “Is AncestryDNA a good test for African Americans?” The short answer is, “Yes.” If you’re African American and considering DNA testing to learn more about your background, our test is a great option.

Does AncestryDNA work for African American?

For African American customers, this Genetic Communities™ technology has meant that AncestryDNA has been able to identify 94 African American and Afro-Caribbean groups, or communities, across the U.S. and the Caribbean. As of 2020, over 1 million AncestryDNA customers are part of these groups.

How do you know if your family had slaves?

The best place to find information about an enslaved person before 1812 is in the private papers of the slave owner, or in records about the owner or his or her property. Papers might still be with the family or deposited in a local archive or library where the family lived or settled.

How far back can I trace my ancestry?

Current genealogical DNA testing can’t go back any further than eight generations. While that isn’t the longest history ever, the ability to verify your most recent family members is a great start to getting a complete picture of your family history.

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