How do you cancel Groupon account?

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How do you cancel Groupon account?

You may cancel your membership after any initial commitment period has passed by going to, logging into your account, clicking “Groupon Select” and then clicking “Cancel Membership”.

Where is my Groupon order?

How to Find Your Tracking Information. Visit My Groupons via the web or mobile app. Find your order. Select Track Package.

How do I view my Groupon voucher?

FAQ: How to find the Groupon voucher?

  1. Log into your Groupon account at
  2. At the top right corner you will see your name. Click on your name and then click on “My Groupons.”
  3. Find the deal for RealEstateU that you purchased.
  4. Click on “View Voucher” and your voucher will come up.
  5. On the voucher is a barcode.

How do you get a refund on Groupon?

To be eligible for the Groupon Promise, the customer must contact us within 14 days of the Groupon redemption. In addition, the Groupon refund policy states that: For Local Deals, customers can return any unredeemed Groupon for a refund of the amount paid within the first three days after purchase.

How do I get in touch with Groupon customer service?

Contacting Groupon Customer Support

  1. Live Chat Groupon: Chat online when agents are available.
  2. Email Groupon: Tell us about your issue, and we’ll reply as soon as possible (typically within 24 hours).

Can I change my email on Groupon?

How Do I Update the Email Address on My Account? After logging in, go to My Account on a computer. You can change your email address and password on this page.

Can you get your money back from expired Groupon?

When all else fails, go to Groupon. Groupon states in their terms of service that they’ll honor any expired coupon that a merchant refuses to take. At the very least, you’ll get a refund.

How do I request a refund on Groupon?

To start a refund request, head to My Groupons and select See Details next to your order. Note: Final Sale orders can’t be canceled or returned at any time. Check the Fine Print on the deal page to see if your order is Final Sale.

Can you change your email on Groupon?

You can change your personal information on your Account page, including: Name. Email Address. Password.

How do I change my credit card number on Groupon?

You can update or add credit card information to your account on our website or in the mobile app….Updating or Adding a Payment Method

  1. Select My Stuff in the top-right corner of the page (make sure you’re signed in).
  2. Select Account.
  3. Go to Payment Methods.
  4. Add or update your details, then select Save.

Why is my Groupon not working?

If your promo code isn’t working, it could be because of the following: Promo codes are case-sensitive. Make sure your code is upper case. Some promos are specific to a type of deal (for instance: restaurants, beauty/spa, travel, etc.).

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