How do you add criteria in PS query?

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How do you add criteria in PS query?

Select each field that you want to use in the query, and then click the Add Criteria icon, or click the Check All button to select all the fields associated with the record as criteria. Select the fields to be used as criteria for the query. View and edit selection criteria for your query statement.

How do I access a private query in PeopleSoft?

Go to Reporting Tools > Query > Query Manager and select the private query you want to share with other user.

Where can we use PS query as data source for the report?

If you are a Report Developer you can do one of the following: 1. You can register this query as a Data Source for use in the Word Template. You register the query under the BI Publisher > Data Source page.

How do you add a subquery to a field in PS query?

To create subqueries:

  1. Select Reporting Tools > Query > Query Manager.
  2. Click the Use As Criteria icon on the Query page, or click the Add Criteria button on the Criteria page.
  3. On the Edit Criteria Properties page, select Subquery as the comparison value.
  4. On the Query – Subquery page, select the required field.

How do you create an expression in Peoplesoft query?

To add or edit expressions for queries:

  1. Select Reporting Tools > Query > Query Manager.
  2. Select the Expressions tab to open the Expressions page.
  3. Click the Add Expression button to open the Edit Expression Properties page, where you can select expression types.
  4. Select an option from the Expression Type drop-down list.

What is private query?

There is a general difference between public and private query. As the name suggests, public query is available for everyone whereas private query can be used by the person who created it.

Who has access to private queries?

Although public queries can be viewed by anyone having access to Query Viewer or Query Manager but private queries can only be seen by the user who created them.

What is a PeopleSoft run control?

The PeopleTools Run Control table stores information that is required by PeopleSoft Process Scheduler, such as output type, format, distribution, file dependency, and destination.

How do you create an expression in PeopleSoft query?

How do I add a Group By clause in PS query?

Quick and Simple: To show “Group by” String in PS query. Complete all other steps adding records and selecting fields after that.. Create an expression, Make sure You select the Aggregate Function inside the expression and in the expression text enter text for exmaple : COUNT(A. EMPLID).

How do I edit a query manager in query?

On the Query Manager search results page, find the query that you want to modify and click its Edit link. The Fields page appears. Access the tab that you want to modify the information—except the Run tab. Enter the new information.

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