How do I view job details in SQL Developer?

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How do I view job details in SQL Developer?

Show activity on this post. select * from user_scheduler_jobs; select * from user_jobs; for jobs created with DBMS_SCHEDULER or DBMS_JOB, respectively. Date format can be set in “Tools” – “Preference”s menu, under the “Database” node, NLS settings.

How do I view table history in SQL Developer?

To access history commands:

  1. On the Workspace home page, click SQL Workshop and then SQL Commands. The SQL Commands page appears.
  2. Click the History tab. The list of commands in History appears in the display pane.
  3. Click the partial command displayed in the SQL column. The command appears in the editor.

Where is SQL Developer history stored?

The default location is: Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\SQL Developer.

How do you view DDL of a table in Oracle?

You can also do this for all tables at once: select dbms_metadata. get_ddl(‘TABLE’, table_name) from user_tables; and spool the output into a SQL script.

How do I get a job DDL?

The easy way to get the ddl of an dbms scheduler job is : select dbms_metadata. get_ddl(‘PROCOBJ’,’JOB_NAME’,’JOB_OWNER’) from dual; set pagesize 299 set long 999 select dbms_metadata.

How do you browse database objects and structures in SQL Developer?

Tutorial: Viewing EMPLOYEES Table Properties and Data

  1. In the Connections pane, expand Tables.
  2. Select the table EMPLOYEES.
  3. In the right frame, click the tab Data.
  4. In the right frame, click the tab Constraints.
  5. Explore the other properties by clicking on the appropriate tabs.

How do I view MySQL command history?

Get History of All MySQL Commands in a File SET GLOBAL log_output = ‘file’; SET GLOBAL general_log_file = “/yourPath/logfile. log”; SET GLOBAL general_log = ‘on’; Now, locate the file at the specified path and open it to see all the details. Usually, the filename.

Where are the best places to work as a SQL Developer?

Illinois, IL SQL Developers Pennsylvania, PA SQL Developers Alabama, AL SQL Developers Browse all Show more Similar SQL Developer Jobs SQL Jobs MySQL Developer Jobs Microsoft SQL Server Jobs Microsoft SQL Server DBA Jobs

What are the top 10 high paying jobs that demand SQL?

As per the data found on various job websites, here are the top 10 high paying jobs that demand SQL: 1. Data Analyst 2. Database Developer 3. Database Administrator 4. Data Scientist 5. SQL Server Developer 6. Software Developer 7. Software Consultant 8. . Net Developer 9. ETL Developer 10. Big Data engineer

What skills do you need to be a database developer?

My database skills: – SQL/T-SQL development – queries, stored procedures, view, triggers, optimization – SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL – all though current versions – Database administration / DBA, onsite and remote – Performance Tuning – all around,… Sign up to read more See MoreSee more $60/hr Timo T. SQL Developer 4.9/5(53 jobs) SQL

Where to locate scheduled jobs in Oracle SQL Developer?

Where to locate Scheduled jobs in Oracle SQL Developer? How to remove default date format from SQL Developer. Show activity on this post. Jobs can be found within the “Scheduler” node through the “Connections” tab (note: the “Scheduler” node is not provided within the “Schema Browser” tab):

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