How do I unlock my voicemail on Cisco Unity?

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How do I unlock my voicemail on Cisco Unity?

Do either of the following to resolve the problem: Navigate to Edit User Basics > Password Settings page of Cisco Unity Connection Administration and uncheck the Locked by Administrator check box to unlock the user account.

How do I forward voicemail in Cisco Unity?

Step 1 After listening to the message, press 5. Step 2 Follow the Cisco Unity conversation to address the forwarded message. Step 3 Press # to forward the message as is, or press 2 to record an introduction, or press 3 for message options. Step 4 Press # to forward the message as is, or press 1 for message options.

How do I access my cisco web inbox?

Access the Web Inbox by using an Internet browser to go to http:///inbox . (The URL is case sensitive.) Bookmark the Web Inbox URL, so you do not have to enter the web address each time you want to access the Web Inbox. Refresh the information on the current page.

What is Cisco Unity Connection?

Cisco Unity Connection is a voicemail and unified messaging platform with a comprehensive feature set and is based on the same Linux Unified Communications Operating System as Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

How do I check my voicemail from another phone on Cisco Unity?

Call Cisco Unity Connection

  1. From your desk phone: dial 262-2500 or press the Messages button on your phone.
  2. From outside your organization: dial 608-262-2500.
  3. If you are calling from a phone number that is NOT the number with the voicemail box, press * when Cisco Unity Connection answers.

What is Cisco Unity Connection messaging?

With Cisco Unity Connection, you can access voice messages and receipts in your email application. The location of your voice messages depends on the email application, but typically voice messages are in a separate folder in your email application. Messages contain a WAV file attachment with the recording.

How do I log into Cisco Unity Connection?

Step 1 On a remote computer, open a browser session. Step 2 Go to https:///cuadmin. Step 3 Enter an applicable user name and password, and click Login.

What is Cisco Unified Presence?

Cisco Unified Presence is a Linux-based server platform using the Cisco flavor of Linux, much like Communications Manager server runs on. And this server can give us a wide variety of features.

How do I remotely access my Cisco voicemail?

What is Cisco Unity Connection administration?

Cisco Unity Connection Administration is a web application that you use to do most administrative tasks, including specifying settings for users, and implementing a call management plan.

Why is my visual voicemail not working with Cisco Unity Connection?

With Cisco Unity Connection 8.5, when the user selects the visual voicemail service on his device, this error message is received: Also, the phone logs show something similar to this: This issue occurs if there is a space in the service name configuration for the visualvoicemail.

How do I enable visual voicemail on my Cisco phone?

Go to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration > Device > Device Settings > Phone Services. Click Find, then select VisualVoicemail. Ensure that the Service Name is VisualVoicemail without any spaces. If the service name is entered as Visual Voicmail, then remove the space to resolve the issue.

What is the midlet for Visual Voicemail?

The MIDlet is installed when you update your Cisco Unity or Cisco Unity Connection server to the release required by Visual Voicemail. 2. A phone service that points to the MIDlet.

Why is my visual voicemail unable to play a message?

The user can successfully login to Visual Voicemail and view the list of available messages. However, when the user attempts to play a message, the Unable to play message error is displayed on the bottom of the phone screen above the softkeys. The issue is caused by the speed settings of the playback messages.

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