How do I turn on iPAQ?

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How do I turn on iPAQ?

Bluetooth power on/off. Press the Power Button to turn on the unit. Follow on-screen instructions until the Today screen appears.

What is iPAQ HP?

The iPAQ is a Pocket PC and personal digital assistant, first unveiled by Compaq in April 2000; the name was borrowed from Compaq’s earlier iPAQ Desktop Personal Computers. Since Hewlett-Packard’s acquisition of Compaq, the product has been marketed by HP. The devices use a Windows Mobile interface.

How do I connect to iPAQ WIFI?

Be sure Wi-Fi is powered on.

  1. Tap the iPAQ Wireless icon.
  2. From the iPAQ Wireless screen, tap Settings > Network Adapters tab.
  3. In the My network card connects to list box, tap either The Internet or Work.

How do I install applications on my HP iPAQ Pocket PC?

1 Connect the HP iPAQ Pocket PC to the personal computer using the universal desktop cradle. 2 Follow the instructions provided with the application and by the installation wizard. 3 Check the screen of the HP iPAQ Pocket PC to see if any further steps are necessary to complete the application installation.

What versions of Outlook are compatible with the HP iPAQ Pocket PC?

When using Microsoft ActiveSync to synchronize e-mail on a personal computer with the HP iPAQ Pocket PC, Microsoft Outlook 98 or later must be installed on the personal computer. Outlook 2002 is included on the Companion CD.

How do I download drivers for my HP iPAQ H3800 Pocket PC series?

The Support & Drivers page displays. Under Select a task and enter a product name/number, select the task Download drivers and software (and firmware). Type the product name as HP iPAQ h3800 Pocket PC series and press Enter or click the double arrow next to the box.

How do I send and receive e-mail messages on the HP iPAQ?

E-mail messages can be sent and received by synchronizing the HP iPAQ Pocket PC with a personal computer using ActiveSync. If using ActiveSync to send and receive e-mail messages, the name of the folder being used is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

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