How do I report someone stealing electricity in South Africa?

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How do I report someone stealing electricity in South Africa?

Safety tips

  1. ​Avoid connecting electricity illegally.
  2. If you come across any illegal connections, report them to Eskom on 08600 37566 (ESKOM) or SMS Crime Line on 32211.
  3. Educate your children about illegal connections.

How do smart meters detect electricity theft?

With IoT, meters can be embedded with theft detection systems that raise an alarm to the utility as soon as an attempt of magnetic tampering or physical damage is detected. This is done using Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), a system for the functioning of smart meters that report anomalies in real-time.

Can electricity be stolen in South Africa?

Electricity theft is a huge challenge in South Africa. It has led to the loss of billions of rands in annual revenue by the government-owned, powerdistribution company Eskom. Electricity theft is also one of the contributors to load-shedding in South Africa, which threatens the country’s development prospects.

How is power theft done?

According to Section 135 of the Electricity Act 2003, electricity theft occurs when a person taps electricity lines, tampers with electricity meters or transformers or uses a device that interferes with reading or damages equipment such as electric meters or uses electricity for purposes other than authorized.

Is bypassing electricity illegal?

Whatever those reasons are, stealing electricity is illegal and is punishable in both criminal and civil courts.

Is it acceptable to steal electricity from Eskom?

Eskom continues to work with law enforcement agencies to curb the criminal activities including electricity theft. Communities are requested to report theft and vandalism of electricity infrastructure and illegal connections to authorities or to Eskom’s crime line on 0800 112 722 or SMS 32211.

How do I know if my electric meter is tampering?

Tampering with an electricity network is detected from an electricity meter by transmitting a probe signal over at least part of the electricity network (12) from a signal source (106 a) in the electricity meter (10).

What is the punishment for theft of electricity?

The Electricity Theft and Other Related Offences Regulations The offences are punishable with terms of imprisonment as applicable under Sections 390 of the Criminal Code, Section 287 of the Penal Code or with imprisonment for a term of three years under the regulation or with fine or with both fine and imprisonment.

What happens if you get caught bypassing electric meter?

The exposed wiring on a tampered electricity meter can cause severe electric shocks and burns. By bypassing the meter, any electrical switches or appliances become ‘live’ which can increase the risk of shock and fire in other areas of the premises. Electrical fires are an increased risk of meter tampering.

What is the punishment for stealing electricity in South Africa?

Stealing energy entitles jail. Whether for personal use or third party consumer, whoever does illegal connections and/or using energy unregistered in energy meters is punished with imprisonment from 1 to 5 years. Who, in turn, consume energy obtained in this way is punished with 1 to 3 years.

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