How do I open an account with PSBank?

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How do I open an account with PSBank?

How to Open a Peso Savings or Prepaid Account via PSBank Mobile

  1. Tap on the Open a New Deposit Account button.
  2. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  3. Take a photo of the valid ID you have from the list.
  4. Provide the required information and take a selfie.
  5. Nominate log-in credentials for PSBank Mobile App and enter OTP.

How do I enroll money into PSBank?

To avail of this facility, visit your branch of account or call our 24/7 Customer Experience Hotline at (632) 8845-8888.

  1. Log-in to PSBank BOB.
  2. From the BOB home page, select Basic Banking from the menu.
  3. Choose Fund Transfer – Third Party.
  4. Select “Create Fund Transfer” tab.
  5. Indicate the amount you wish to transfer.

Does PSBank have mobile app?

The PSBank Mobile APP has a friendly and intuitive look and feel that makes banking simpler and convenient. Bank safely from home – Tap, tap, tapos agad! **Savings and Prepaid card accounts only. Maximum of 2 accounts can be opened online.

How do I call PSBank from my phone?

Client may follow-up concerns or give feedback via [email protected] or call the Bank’s 24/7 Customer Service at (632) 8845-8888.

How do I open an ATM account with Psbank?


  1. Completely filled-out bank forms: Customer Information Sheet (CIS) for Individual Clients. Signature Card.
  2. Presentation of at least one Valid / Acceptable ID with photo and signature. List of Valid Government – Issued IDs: Digitized Non-Professional / Professional Driver’s License.

What is the procedure of opening a savings bank account?

Step 2: Visit the nearest bank branch of your choice and take along a copy of your identity proof, age proof, address proof, income/employment proof (if necessary), and photographs. Step 3: Once you reach the bank, ask the bank official for an application form of the savings account that you wish to open.

What is my PSBank account number?

The 12-digit Account Number. The 16-digit Card Number.

Where can I find my PSBank account number?

Account Number – This is your reloading number. You will be asked for this number every time you reload your PSBank Prepaid Mastercard® through the ATM, branch or PSBank Online….Reminders

  1. The six-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  2. The 12-digit Account Number.
  3. The 16-digit Card Number.

How much is the initial deposit in PSBank?

Open an account at any branch and enroll in PSBank Online and PSBank Mobile. Experience secure and convenient 24/7 e-banking facilities that offer delightful banking moments….Product Features.

Initial Deposit PhP5,000
Minimum Maintaining Balance PhP5,000
Average Daily Balance to Earn Interest PhP10,000

What documents do I need to open savings account?

So the process will run a lot more smoothly if you have the following at hand.

  1. Driver’s license, government-issued ID or passport.
  2. Social Security number.
  3. Most recent residential addresses.
  4. Email address.
  5. Date of birth.
  6. Bank account number and routing number (needed to fund your account)

What is PSBank online account opening?

PSBank Online Account Opening is a digital functionality in PSBank Mobile App which enables users to open a PSBank Peso Deposit Account. 2. Who can open accounts in PSBank Online Account Opening?

How to enroll in PSBank mobile service?

PSBank Mobile is available on Customer’s request for enrollment and upon approval of the Bank. Any PSBank Customer with active or new accounts may enroll in the Service by providing the needed customer information and nominating a username and password in accessing his / her bank accounts thru the PSBM.

Can I open a PSBank peso account through mobile app?

You can now OPEN a PSBANK PESO SAVINGS OR PREPAID ACCOUNT through our Mobile App. What used to require at least a visit to the bank is now replaced by an online account opening service through one’s smartphone and the PSBank Mobile App.

What is PSBank online loan terms and conditions?

Terms and Conditions. PSBank Online is a facility granted by the PHILIPPINE SAVINGS BANK (herein referred to as the “Bank”) to its depositor or borrower (herein referred to as “Client”), for as long as he/she is qualified under the terms and conditions imposed by the Bank.

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