How do I fix no main classes in NetBeans?

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How do I fix no main classes in NetBeans?

Resolving the Error

  1. Right-click on your project in the project explorer.
  2. Select ‘Properties’
  3. Select ‘Run’
  4. Make sure your main class is the one you want to be executed first when the program starts running.
  5. Make sure to use the fully qualified name i.e. mypackage. MyClass.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Run Project.

How do I enable Plugins in NetBeans?

2.2. 1 Installing Plugins Using the Update Center

  1. Select Tools > Plugins to open the NetBeans Plugins manager, as shown in Figure 2-1.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. When plugins are detected, they are displayed on the Available Plugins tab.
  5. Restart NetBeans.

How do I get Properties tab in NetBeans?

In the Projects window, right-click the System Properties project and choose Properties.

Can’t find or load main class error in NetBeans?

try this it work out for me perfectly go to project and right click on your java file at the right corner, go to properties, go to run, go to browse, and then select Main class. now you can run your program again.

How add Java SE to NetBeans?

In the IDE, choose Tools > Java Platforms from the main menu. Click Add Platform in the Java Platform Manager dialog. In the Add Java Platform dialog, select Java Standard Edition and click Next. Specify the directory that contains the JDK and click Next.

How add Java EE to NetBeans?

To Add GlassFish Server as a Server in NetBeans IDE

  1. From the Tools menu, select Servers.
  2. Click Add Server.
  3. Under Choose Server, select GlassFish Server 3+ and click Next.
  4. Under Server Location, browse to the location of the Java EE 6 SDK and click Next.
  5. Under Domain Location, select Register Local Domain.
  6. Click Finish.

How do you fix class does not have main method?


  1. Make sure all files are saved first. If you try to run a program where the class containing the main method has not been saved, this can happen.
  2. Right-click on the project name (in the Projects explorer), then select Properties > Run – and then make sure the main class is selected there.

How do I make a class the main class in NetBeans?

Right-click the user name package and select New -> Java Main Class… Name your class Menu . Run the project. You will be prompted to select the main class.

How do you fix No class Def Found error?

lang. NoClassDefFoundError, which means the Class Loader file responsible for dynamically loading classes can not find the . class file. So to remove this error, you should set your classpath to the location where your Class Loader is present.

How can I install NetBeans in Ubuntu?

If you search for Netbeans in Ubuntu Software Center, you’ll find two Netbeans available. The Apache Netbeans is the snap version which is bigger in download size but gives you the latest Netbeans. You can install it in one click. No need to open terminal.