How do I find my Sims 3 serial code?

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How do I find my Sims 3 serial code?

Expand the Electronic Arts folder. Expand the Sims folder. Expand the EP or SP you need the code for. Click on ergc and in the box to the right under ‘Data’ you will see the code.

Can you reuse a serial number?

If you were concerned about using the same serial number multiple times and breaking a contract, remember that one serial number is valid for up to three computers anyway. If you are still concerned though you can always call your local sales representative.

Can you reuse Sims 3 expansion packs?

The codes that came with your packs can only be registered to one Origin account (or one account on the old Sims 3 site), and they can’t be removed from one account to free them up. So if you’ve registered your packs, then the codes will be useless.

How to find the serial code for the Sims 3?

Press Windows-Key – R and type regedit

  • Backup your current Registry (you should always do that when doing anything in the registery since it can completely mess up your computer if you do something wrong).
  • Look for the Key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE –> Software —> ElectronicArts –> Sims –>[Name of the expansion]–> ergc
  • Where do I Find my Sims 3 serial code?

    In your Steam Library,choose the game from the list.

  • Select the cogwheel icon on the right.
  • Choose Manage and then CD Keys.
  • How to install the Sims 3 with serial code missing?

    In this video, I’m going to be showing how to get the sims 3 with the serial code missing.(Recorded with

    How do install Sims 3 Ambitions?

    How to install sims3 ambitionsdownload link:

    Can you use Sims code twice?

    Codes can only be used once and once only, but you can download the game on your Origin account in your game library more than once as much as you want on the same computer or different computer.

    Why can’t I redeem my Origin code?

    Re: Can’t Redeem Product Code If you are getting the message that the code is redeemed, it may be possible that you are signed in using another account. Use all the emails you have to see if you have redeemed your code on any other EA account. If that does not work, it would be best to contact EA Customer support.

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