How do I contact BIR?

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How do I contact BIR?

Taxpayers with tax queries and concerns may call the Customer Assistance Division (formerly BIR Contact Center) at Hotline No. 8538-3200 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

What is the BIR hotline?

(02) 8538-3200
The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has recently issued Revenue Memorandum Circular 72-2021 to announce the availability of the BIR Customer Assistance Division Single Hotline No. (02) 8538-3200 and the use of a chatbot, named REVIE, to assist taxpayers with their general inquiries on tax-related matters.

What is the RDO of Iloilo City?

Direct Number: (033) 337-94-45 / (033)337-94-46. Fax Number: N/A. Email Address: [email protected]

How do I call BIR in RDO?

You may inquire about your RDO code by calling the BIR’s Customer Assistance Division….2. Contact the BIR hotline

  1. 8538-3200.
  2. 8981-7030.
  3. 8981-7003.
  4. 8981-7040.
  5. 8981-7020.
  6. 8981-7046.
  7. 8981-7419.
  8. 8981-7452.

Where do I inquire BIR?

3. Call the BIR hotlines

  • Trunkline: 8981-7000 / 8929-7676.
  • Customer Assistance Division: 8981-7003 / 8981-7020 / 8981-7030 / 8981-7040 / 8981-7046.

Is there online appointment in BIR?

The BIR eAppointment System is a web-based booking calendar that gives you flexibility to book an appointment or time that works best for you.

How do I find my BIR number?

Employers can apply for BIR Numbers for ALL Employees

  1. Completed BIR Number Application Form ([IA 001] Application for a BIR Number – Section A, for individual applicants)
  2. Copy of Identification Card, DP and Birth Paper.
  3. Job letter for employee.

How do I check if my TIN is still valid?

If the legal name and the TIN/EIN provided by the payee match the IRS TIN and legal name records, then it’s a TIN Match. If the payee/vendor provides an incorrect TIN, the IRS TIN match system would notify you that the entered information is incorrect.

Where can I apply for TIN number?

Go to the Revenue District Office (RDO) with jurisdiction over the place where your home, head office, or branch office is located. Submit the TIN number requirements to the New Business Registrant Counter (NBRC).

How can I register for TIN ID online?

If you are self-employed, the steps below are necessary on how to get TIN ID online.

  1. Visit the BIR eReg website either using your computer or phone.
  2. Carefully fill the online form and submit.
  3. Wait for the confirmation message from the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Where is the BIR Office in Iloilo?

From Iloilo City going east the municipalities of Nueva Valencia, Sibunag, San Lorenzo and Jordan, Guimaras. Office Address: BIR Building, Brgy. Gines, Zarraga, Iloilo

Where is the Bir regional office in San Pablo City?

Office Address: BIR Regional Office Building Barangay San Nicolas Maharlika Hi-way, San Pablo City email: [email protected] Revenue District Officer: DANILO G. LINO

Where is the Bir national office located in the Philippines?

BIR National Office Bldg., BIR Road, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. Taxpayers with tax queries and concerns may call the Customer Assistance Division (formerly BIR Contact Center) at Hotline No. 8538-3200 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Where is the Bir regional office in Intramuros?

Office Address: 6th Floor BIR Regional Office Building 2 Benlife Building, Solana cor. Beaterio Sts. Intramuros, Manila Comprised of Barangays 306 to 309, 383 to 543 and 545 to 648. The district shall be bounded as follows:

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