How did Emily hurt her shoulder in PLL?

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How did Emily hurt her shoulder in PLL?

Aria and Emily run over to her then Mona’s car starts up and A tries to run all three of them over. Emily tackles them to the ground, out of the way of the oncoming vehicle, and in the process, lands hard on a rock, badly injuring her shoulder.

Who vandalized Alison’s memorial?

It is also revealed that Lucas destroyed Alison’s memorial and Jenna was the one who told the police where Toby was. ‘A’ ending: ‘A’ puts the hundred dollar bills into a clown piggy bank.

Did Emily take steroids in PLL?

A scene from the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars” Big Plot Points to Remember: Emily’s got an ulcer, and it’s connected to the pain she’s been having, and her panels show she’s been taking steroids. Props to those who called the drug injection from last week into Emily’s pain cream!

Did Toby sleep with Jenna?

Toby was supposed to die in Season 1, as in the books he committed suicide. Toby was forced to have sex with Jenna in the show. In the book he only had a crush on Emily, in the show they are best friends.

How did Jenna get exposed?

During the episode, someone lures Jenna to the house of Jason DiLaurentis and then sets it on fire, trapping Jenna inside with the intent to murder her. She is rescued by Hanna, who happened to be near the DiLaurentis household. She goes to the hospital and has to stay there under observation.

Did Emily smash the memorial?

The creepy cop then found Emily (again), and told her he found her belongings, which included the broken pieces from the memorial. That evidence, combined with the pictures of Emily sitting at the memorial and the letter she wrote to Alison, lead the cop to conclude that Emily wanted to punish Alison for rejecting her.

Who put drugs in Emily’s flask?

Emily drinks Alcohol from the flask that Ali had put Melizopam in all that time ago to make sure the liars slept the night she went missing. It is a sleeping pill and sedative used to subdue aggressive patients and inmates. When mixed with alcohol, one of the side effects is memory loss.

What did a put in Emily’s lotion?

Little did she know “A” injected this tube with human growth hormones (HGH). Moments after getting a surprise visit from her dad at school, she collapses in the hall. The HGH, which showed up in her panels at the hospital, coupled with her stress from lying to her parents, winds up giving her an ulcer.

Who got Wilden’s car out of the lake?

The jury’s still out on this one, but her actions in this episode are steps in the right direction. After all, Mona did take the chip out of Wilden’s car that would incriminate Hanna’s mother, bring the girls coffee and breakfast (every little thing counts) and reveal some truths about what’s been going on.

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