How can we return output parameter from stored procedure in asp net using C#?

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How can we return output parameter from stored procedure in asp net using C#?

To get output parameters in ASP.NET, we need to write the statement like this.

  1. cmd. Parameters. Add(“@ERROR”, SqlDbType. Char, 500);
  2. cmd. Parameters[“@ERROR”]. Direction = ParameterDirection. Output;
  3. message = (string)cmd. Parameters[“@ERROR”]. Value;

What is output variable in stored procedure?

Output parameter is a parameter whose value is passed out of the stored procedure/function module, back to the calling PL/SQL block. An OUT parameter must be a variable, not a constant. It can be found only on the left-hand side of an assignment in the module.

How to call a stored procedure from another stored procedure?

In Object Explorer,connect to an instance of the SQL Server Database Engine,expand that instance,and then expand Databases.

  • Expand the database that you want,expand Programmability,and then expand Stored Procedures.
  • Right-click the user-defined stored procedure that you want and click Execute Stored Procedure.
  • Is it possible to use “return” in stored procedure?

    When used with a stored procedure, RETURN cannot return a null value. If a procedure tries to return a null value (for example, using RETURN @status when @status is NULL), a warning message is generated and a value of 0 is returned.

    How to retrieve stored procedure return value with Dapper?

    – Right click on Solution ,find Manage NuGet Package manager and click on it. – After as shown into the image and type in search box ” dapper “. – Select Dapper as shown into the image . – Choose version of dapper library and click on install button.

    How to run stored procedure?

    Execute a stored procedure. Connect to the Database Engine. From the Standard bar,select New Query.

  • Set or clear a procedure for executing automatically. Startup procedures must be in the master database and cannot contain INPUT or OUTPUT parameters.
  • Stop a procedure from executing automatically. Connect to the Database Engine.
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