How can I watch movies on my iPhone with subtitles?

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How can I watch movies on my iPhone with subtitles?

Tap the subtitles icon at the bottom right of the player.

  1. Select the desired subtitle file and tap Done.
  2. That’s it! Enjoy the movie with subtitles.

How do I change the subtitle style on my iPad?

Open your iPhone or iPad Settings app. Go to Accessibility. Under the “Hearing” section, tap Subtitles & Captioning. Tap Style to change the size and style for the display and font.

Can you get subtitles on iTunes movies?

On Mac or PC computer: Open the movie you want to watch and move your mouse pointer over it. Step 2. Click on the Subtitle icon at the bottom right corner of iTunes control panel and it will pop up a new window. Then turn on the subtitles for your movie.

How do you add subtitles on iMovie iPad?

How to add text to iMovie on an iPhone or iPad

  1. Tap into the video clip you want to add text to.
  2. Select the “T” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose the desired style from the list of templates.
  4. Tap the sample title in the viewer and select Edit to type the desired text, then tap Done.

How do I play a movie with subtitles?

How to watch a video with subtitles:

  1. Put the video file and the subtitle file in the same folder.
  2. Make sure the titles of the related video and subtitle files coincide or start with the same sequence of letters (e.g. some_name.
  3. Open the video.
  4. Tap the subtitles icon at the bottom right of the player.

Which app is best for watching movies with subtitles?

VLC Player for Android is one of the most popular open-source video players for Android devices. Using this app, you can easily browse, add or download subtitles for your favorite movie or video.

How do I make subtitles more visible?

10 Ways to Make Subtitle Styles More Readable

  1. Give the text a thin outline or stroke.
  2. Make the subtitle text bold.
  3. Change the color of your subtitles.
  4. Add a subtle drop shadow.
  5. Add a darkened box around your subs.
  6. Add a background stripe to your subtitles.
  7. Blur the background behind your subtitles.

How to add subtitles to iPhone or iPad videos?

Launch Any Video Converter Freeware on your computer and add iPhone or iPad Videos you want to add .srt subtitles. Then select in the drop-down list “Add Subtitle” to add the subtitle you have edited. 5. Adjust Subtitles Position, Size, Color and Font If You Like

How do I get subtitles on my Mac?

Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. View subtitles on your iOS device synchronized with television or movies on your TV, or at the cinema. Brilliant for when you’re at a cinema watching a movie, and you need subtitles in your native language! Great for the hard of hearing and deaf community.

Why should you use subtitles when watching movies?

Many people take advantage of subtitles while watching videos on their devices. This could be due to various reasons, ranging from watching foreign language films, to hearing impairment, to watching a video with low audio, to language barriers.

How do I change the size of subtitles on my screen?

Encoding: Just set UTF-8 (UTF-8) as the default format for subtitle encoding. Position: Adjust the slide bar to change the position of the subtitles on screen. Size: Increase/Decrease scales of subtitles according to movie height, width, and diagonal.

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