How can I download resumes for free?

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How can I download resumes for free?

To download a TXT file of your resume or template, log in to and visit your Dashboard. Click the link below the main menu for each resume or cover letter to download the TXT file. See the screenshot below. You can always log back in to to access and edit your resume in the future.

How can I download my resume in PDF format?

Saving as a PDF in Microsoft Word

  1. Click ‘File’ Go to the very top left-hand corner of your Word document, then click on ‘File’ to bring up the dropdown menu.
  2. Select ‘Save As’ This will bring up the option to change your resume file format.
  3. Select ‘File Format’
  4. Select ‘PDF’
  5. Click on ‘Export’

Where can I find a free resume template?

The resume builder stands out from the rest, but not only because we’re the only truly free resume builder out there. We also offer: Access to dozens of professional and creative resume templates.

How do I create a free resume?

– Access the online resume builder from anywhere at any time. – Download or print your resume when you need to. – Upload your past resume and give it a makeover.

How do you make a PDF resume?

– Go from scan to PDF in seconds. Optimize a scanned document or JPEG, PNG, or TIFF image and convert it into a searchable, editable PDF file. – HTML to PDF? Easy. – Split a PDF. Separate one or more PDFs into multiple smaller documents. – Merge lots of files into one PDF. – Make a PDF from the print function.

What are some free resume templates?

Barista Resume

  • Bartender Resume
  • Call Center Resume
  • Customer Service Resume
  • Retail Resume
  • Sales Associate Resume
  • Sales Representative Resume
  • Server Resume
  • Where can I find free resume templates? has a free template to choose but you can pay and get the Pro templates/features too. 2. level 1. Moosehead06. 8 months ago. has a ton of free resume templates. 2. level 1. JasonALang.