How can I become a librarian in Kerala?

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How can I become a librarian in Kerala?

For admission in master courses, they must have passed graduation in Library Science or related field. For M….Certificate & Diploma Courses:

  1. Certificate in Library Science.
  2. Certificate in Library and Information Science.
  3. Diploma in Library and Information Science.
  4. Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking.

What is the qualification of a librarian in college?

LIBRARIAN: i. A Master’s Degree in Library Science / Information Science / documentation with at least 55% marks or its equivalent grade of B in UGC seven point scale and consistently good academic record.

What is the qualification of library science?

Bachelor of Library and Information Science Highlights

Course Level Undergraduate
Full-form Bachelor of Library and Information Science
Duration 1 year
Eligibility Passed Bachelor degree course with 50% marks
Admission Process Direct Admission or on the basis of the performance in the Entrance Test.

How do I get my library science certificate?

Certificate Course in Library and Information Science is a 6 months to 1 year long certificate level course in the domain of Library and Information Science for students who wish to start working in the same field soon after completing their 12th. Admissions for this course are based solely on merit basis.

How many subjects are there in library science?

BLibSc Syllabus
Library Information & Society Library Classification (Theory)
Library Classification (Practical) Library Cataloguing (Theory)
Library Cataloguing (Practical) Library Management & Information Centres
Information Sources & Services Library Information Technology

How long is librarian course?

1-2 years
Courses to Become a Librarian There are several undergraduate courses available to pursue the career as Librarian. The duration of the course can be 1-2 years.

What is Library Science course?

Specialisations in Library Science include studies in digital libraries, archives and records management, rare manuscripts, school library, and others. Students of Library Science degrees learn to navigate the digital world, to properly handle information and to enable users to access it easily.

What is the qualification of Library Science?

What are the subjects in library science?

The main course subjects of MLIS course are:

  • Foundations of library and information science.
  • Library classification.
  • Digital library.
  • Library management.
  • Library cataloguing.
  • Reference services and sources.
  • Information service and system.
  • Computer application to library work.

What is the scope of library science?

The career in library includes areas like library and information systems management, classification/cataloguing systems, bibliography, documentation, preservation and conservation of manuscript, collection management, information systems and technology, research methodology, computer applications, reference.

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