How are the hostels in BITS?

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How are the hostels in BITS?

The hostel rooms are fully furnished, with internet connectivity and common provision for water purifier and solar water heaters. Common room facilities with Cable TV and telephone are available in each hostel. There is a kitchen-cum-mess unit for every set of two boys’ hostels.

Are girls allowed in BITS Boys hostel?

No they are not. Forget about going to your fellow college mate’s room if they are of the other sex. In fact even brothers or fathers of girl student in bits are not allowed to enter the girls hostel.

Is hostel compulsory in BITS Dubai?

Yes ,it is mandatory to stay at hostel because at the time of admission you have to pay hostel fees as DD along with the admission and tution fees for the entire semester .

Do BITS hostels have attached washroom?

Limited number of rooms are available in the Hostel within the campus. Amenities Provided: Single accommodation room with mattress, pillow and bucket. Common facilities for washroom.

Does bits have a swimming pool?

A 25 x 12.5 m swimming pool provides facility for learning swimming, playing water polo and racing. Students can become members of Swimming Club/Health Club on payment of prescribed fees. Each hostel also has facility for volleyball, table tennis, badminton, chess, carom, etc.

Is non veg served in BITS Pilani?

All exotic food items which you won’t find anywhere in Pilani. Nobles is known for its Pastries, Foot Long, Chicken Nuggets, Momos, Chicken Cheese Rice. The pizzas served here are also the closest which come to real pizzas. Full Fried Chicken and Golden Dragon NV are a must try for the non vegetarians.

Is there uniform in BITS?

Nope, there isn’t any dress code for boys as well as girls in any campus of BITS. You’re free to wear anything you like but for labs, one should wear full trousers and shoes. Originally Answered: Is there any uniform in bits pilani? A2A.

Is smoking allowed in BITS Pilani?

No-one stops you from smoking or drinking but many try to convince you to do so.

Is there swimming pool in BITS Goa?

Does BITS Pilani have swimming pool?

Which hostel is best in BITS Pilani?

Best place to stay at BITS Pilani – Review of VFAST Hostel

  • Asia.
  • Rajasthan.
  • Jhunjhunu District.
  • Pilani.
  • Pilani Speciality Lodging.
  • Hostels in Pilani.
  • VFAST Hostel.

Is smoking allowed in bits?

As far as the allowed part is concerned, they are “Allowed” to wear them inside and outside too and yes, they wear them.

Is Cooler allowed in BITS Pilani?

NO! Leave alone air conditioning, even coolers are banned in hostel rooms and you can only use fans (except for a newly constructed hostel which has ducts which also rarely work!) . Library and new academic building are air conditioned.

Are shorts allowed in BITS Pilani?

Does bits have dress code?

There is no dress code in birla institute of technology and science (BITS), vizag. There is no dress code for both girls and boys.

Can we keep car in BITS Pilani?

Students will not be allowed to drive motorized vehicles such as cars, scooters, mopeds etc., in the campus. i. The institute library is meant for the use of staff and students of the institute. Only those students who are registered for the academic programmes of the institute are entitled to the library facilities.

Is there WIFI in BITS Pilani?

BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus has a total Internet bandwidth of 335 Mbps (both fiber and wireless last mile) that serves the entire campus including the academic building and its surroundings, faculty/staff quarters as well as the student hostels located in the campus. The total number of users is about 3,500.