Has anyone won the Powerball in PA?

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Has anyone won the Powerball in PA?

The lottery retailer earned a $5,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket. More than 28,700 other Powerball tickets in PA won prizes of various amounts in the drawing.

Where was the winning cash 5 ticket sold last night in Pa?

GET LOCAL BREAKING NEWS ALERTS A jackpot-winning Cash 5 with Quick Cash ticket was sold in Franklin County, according to the Pennsylvania Lottery. The winning ticket, worth $200,000, was sold at the Giant at 925 Norland Ave. in Chambersburg.

How long does it take to receive lottery winnings in PA?

Most prize checks will arrive in four to six weeks after your claim has been received at Lottery headquarters and validated, but often less time. Some claims submitted in December cannot be processed until January so that prize payments and tax forms will be issued in the same calendar year.

Who hit the lottery in PA?

Brian Mineweaser, 49, was announced the winner of the drawing after his name was selected from a random drawing. He won a special Pennsylvania Lottery online prize drawing that gave him a shot to win the $1 million dollar prize.

What numbers come out the most in cash 5 lottery?

Includes all Cash Five drawings beginning 09/24/2018 through 7/4/2022.

Ball Number Number of Times Drawn
1 177
2 159
3 173
4 176

What was the Pennsylvania cash 5?

Latest Numbers

Date Result Prize
Monday, Jul 04, 2022 5 11 13 19 42 Est. Jackpot $250,000
Sunday, Jul 03, 2022 17 21 34 35 39 Est. Jackpot $200,000
Saturday, Jul 02, 2022 1 3 10 22 32 Est. Jackpot $150,000
Friday, Jul 01, 2022 8 9 16 41 42 Est. Jackpot $475,000

Can I remain anonymous if I win the lottery in Pennsylvania?

No. Pennsylvania Lottery winners cannot remain anonymous. Only certain claimant information can be released. This assures the public that Lottery winners are real people and that the Lottery operates with integrity and transparency.

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