Does the Space Docker fly?

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Does the Space Docker fly?

The Space Docker has a unique ability, in which it is capable of gliding for short distances if driven off a jump or a ledge. It is presumably powered by the two small jet turbines that generate thrust, but the vehicle’s anti-gravitational abilities are never explained.

What does JATO do on the thruster?

JATO (acronym for jet-assisted take-off) is a type of assisted take-off for helping overloaded aircraft into the air by providing additional thrust in the form of small rockets.

Where is the ghost on Mount Gordo?

Ghost of Mt Gordo The Ghost can be found at night between 23:00 – 00:00 on Mt. Gordo north of the lighthouse. She’ll disappear when you approach her. The name “Jock” is written in blood next to her.

Does the thruster have unlimited rockets?

These launchers carry a limited number of missiles (30) and when empty, the lock-on targeting still functions but the weapons do not.

How do I get a thruster trade price?

How to unlock the Thruster Jetpack Trade Price? A discounted price of $2,750,000 (Trade Price)* can be unlocked for the Thruster Jetpack. *The discounted SecuroServ Trade Price for the Thruster Jetpack is unlocked after the player has completed the related Doomsday Heist Mission (requires a Facility Property).

Is there an easter egg in GTA 5?

It was a construction company in one of Rockstar’s other games, L.A. Noire. This easter egg doubles as a spoiler for the game L.A. Noire, also developed by Rockstar Games. The protagonist, Detective Cole Phelps’ body can be found in a mineshaft in GTA 5.

Where can I find alien Easter eggs in GTA San Andreas?

In San Andreas there are plenty of Alien and UFO easter eggs all over the map. We have found a few after obtaining 100% completion that are flying, and one we found before reaching 100% crashed under water.

Where can I find Packie McReary in GTA 5?

Brucie Kibbutz is on Bleeper (the GTA V equivalent of Twitter) and Packie McReary is there too. It is possible for Franklin to help him during a random event called Getaway Driver, after which he’ll join your crew.

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