Does Ranma and Akane end up together?

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Does Ranma and Akane end up together?

Ranma and Akane are engaged to each other because of a long-standing agreement between their fathers. Soun Tendo is particularly invested as he has no male heir and needs one of his daughters to marry a martial artist willing to carry on the Tendo Anything Goes Martial Arts Dojo.

Does Ranma 1/2 have romance?

Ranma ½ is a romantic-comedy manga first serialized in 1987 and created into an anime series shortly after in 1989.

Is ryoga in love with Akane?

There is no evidence that Akane sees Ryoga as anything more than a friend, despite Ryoga’s best efforts to win her romantic affection. She makes a point of acting confused, dismissive or oblivious if someone raises the idea that Ryoga may have a crush on her, and repeatedly refers to Ryoga as a “friend”.

What episode do Ranma and Akane almost kiss?

The Taking of Akane’s Lips (あかねの口びるを奪え, Akane no Kuchibiru wo Uba?) is the 21st episode of Ranma ½ Nettohen.

What happens to shampoo in Ranma?

Heartbroken, Shampoo returns to China, where she undergoes re-training at the hands of her great-grandmother Cologne and finally receives a cat curse at Jusenkyo, which causes her to become concerned.

Does Ranma kiss Akane?

Ranma struggles to bring himself to kiss Akane. Scene 3 turns out to be a “kiss of awakening” scene better suited to Snow White, much to Ranma’s fury.

Does Ranma have feelings for shampoo?

Canonically, Ranma is intended to be attracted only to Akane Tendo and Shampoo’s feelings for him are supposed to be one sided. However, as the anime and manga both have little real romantic development for any of the various relationships, it is possible to see Ranma and Shampoo as a couple.

Does Ranma like Ukyo?

Though, while Ranma has shown concern about her feelings and considers her a good friend, he has also made it clear that he does not feel the same in return, and goes to extremes to get rid of her when she gets too close. Unlike Shampoo and Kodachi however, Ranma does not consider or treat Ukyo as a pest.