Does ArtRage have layers?

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Does ArtRage have layers?

There are three types of layer in ArtRage: Paint Layers: These are normal layers that can be painted on with all the normal painting tools. Text Layers: These layers contain text that can be edited with the Text Tool. Sticker Layers: These layers contain Stickers that can be edited using various tools.

How do you add text to Artrage?

To add text with the Text Tool, just click where you want it to begin and start typing. If you click where there is already text, that text will be made active for editing. If you have clicked a blank area of the Canvas a new text layer is created instead.

Does ArtRage 5 have layers?

Layer Blend Modes and Effects ArtRage 5 includes a full range of industry standard blend modes, from Multiply to Screen. Use layer locks to lock transparency and paint, and adjust texture effects with the Bump blend mode options. The layer effects allowing you to add glows, dropshadows, embossing and texture to paint.

How do you move layers in ArtRage?

Tap on the ‘lines’ symbol to the right of the layer preview, then drag up or down to rearrange layers. Shortcut: Tap and hold on a layer’s preview to activate move mode. When you adjust the order of layers in the stack, the appearance of the canvas will change as you move paint in relation to paint on other layers.

Is ArtRage vector or raster?

ArtRage 5 was announced for January 2017 and finally released in February 2017….ArtRage.

ArtRage 3.5
Type Raster graphics editor
License Proprietary EULA

Is ArtRage easy to use?

Because ArtRage is designed to work like real painting and drawing tools, it can be used by almost anyone. The interface is easy to understand and gets out of the way while you are working so you don’t spend time configuring panels when you could be painting.

How do you blend in Artrage?


  1. Knife: Flat. Swipe paint with a Flat blade to smooth or create impasto effects.
  2. Knife: Edge. Turn the flat blade sideways for sharp edged strokes.
  3. Knife: Soft. Smear and warp paint with a V or U shaped knife.
  4. Knife: Blur.
  5. Knife: Wet.
  6. Dry Oil Brush.
  7. White Felt Pen.
  8. Custom Brush Blenders.

How do you move layers in Artrage?

How do you rotate canvas in Artrage?

Rotate the Canvas: Hold down Option (Mac OS X) / Alt (Windows) and right click and drag, and the Canvas will rotate.

How do I rotate an image in Artrage?

Use two fingers and pinch inward or outward on the Reference to scale it. Use two fingers and twist on the Reference to rotate it.

Should I use vector or raster line art?

Producing subtle shading and blending effects is best done in raster. Vector graphics need to use a different shape for each shade of colour. Gradients can be applied to vector illustrations, but these are actually raster effects.

Is procreate a vector based program?

Procreate is a raster-based program that is meant for hand drawing with a stylus on an iPad. Illustrator is a vector-based program that is mainly meant for desktop. It can be frustrating to juggle multiple design programs.

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