Does Arnold have a crush on Helga?

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Does Arnold have a crush on Helga?

However, Arnold did seem to show interest in Helga when she acted nice, such as in “It Girl” and “Helga’s Masquerade”. His feelings are further shown during his dreams. In “Arnold Visits Arnie”, he’s instantly attracted to Hilda, who’s essentially the “real” Helga behind her mean façade.

What was wrong with Helga’s mom?

1. Helga’s Mom Is An Alcoholic.

Is Arnold depressed?

Clearly, he has a lot of unresolved feelings wrapped up in his parents’ disappearance. This can be seen in the episode titled “Arnold’s Hat,” where Arnold becomes depressed after losing his signature tiny hat. It is later revealed that the hat was given to him by his parents as a baby. Really stop and think about that.

Was Helgas mom a drunk?

But there’s another side to Helga’s home life that younger viewers might not have noticed. Helga’s mom likely struggled with alcoholism, according to a new theory from BuzzFeed writer Andrew Ziegler.

What did Helga do in Hey Arnold?

Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie – Helga donates her video recordings of Arnold’s good deeds over the years to help win the trip to San Lorenzo that Arnold was desperate to get. However, she does this with the ulterior motive of winning his affections, and doesn’t genuinely care about finding Arnold’s lost parents.

What does Arnold say to Helga after Phoebe wins?

After Phoebe wins, Arnold approaches Helga and commends her for doing the right thing. Big Sis – Arnold seemingly appears out of nowhere each time Helga tries to sabotage Olga’s and Lila’s mentor-sister relationship, reminding her why she’s so determined on wrecking their relationship.

What happens to Olga and Arnold in the park?

Olga Gets Engaged – Arnold is sitting on a bench in the park with Helga and comments on how cool it was that Olga’s fiancé was a racecar driver. Helga tells him the truth about Doug and Arnold tells Helga she needs to help her sister even if she doesn’t like her. Student Teacher – Olga becomes the new student teacher for Helga’s class.

What happens to Helga in summer love?

” Summer Love ” – When Arnold and Helga end up at the same beach house, she insults him and later tries to apologize, only to find Arnold interacting with another girl. She ruins their day out of jealousy until Arnold catches her and tells her off.

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