Does anthem own Beacon health options?

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Does anthem own Beacon health options?

Indianapolis – March 2, 2020 – Anthem, Inc. (NYSE:ANTM) today announced the completion of its acquisition of Beacon Health Options (Beacon), the largest independently held behavioral health organization in the country serving more than 36 million people across all 50 states.

Who bought Beacon Health?

Anthem announced Thursday that it plans to buy Boston-based Beacon Health Options, the country’s largest independently held behavioral health provider. Beacon cares for 36 million people across all 50 states with 3 million enrolled in a comprehensive, risk-based model, according to Anthem.

Is Beacon the same as Medi-Cal?

Beacon is only contracted to manage the Medi-Cal mental health services for the member. If a member needs services for a drug and alcohol issue the member would receive those services with the County. Beacon can be contacted to assist with the linkage to drug and alcohol services.

Is Beacon Health Strategies the same as Beacon health options?

BOSTON – Jan. 5, 2015 – Beacon Health Strategies and ValueOptions®, today announced the completion of their merger. The combined company is known as Beacon Health Options and serves 45 million people across all 50 states and the United Kingdom, making it the premier managed behavioral health care company.

What states have Beacon health?

Today, we’re the undisputed leader in behavioral health management, serving 40 million people across all 50 states.

Can you get therapy with Medi-Cal?

Services covered by Medi-Cal include outpatient mental health services such as individual or group counseling, outpatient specialty mental health services, inpatient mental health services, outpatient substance use disorder services, residential treatment services, and voluntary inpatient detoxification.

Who is the CEO of Beacon Health Options?

Glenn MacFarlane (Jun 2021–)Beacon Health Options / CEO

Is Anthem the same as Blue Cross Blue Shield in Florida?

Under the Traditional Program, Anthem’s comprehensive medical health care benefit plan is included. Though under this program there is no set network of health care providers, members are recommended to visit a “Blue Plan” participating provider as Anthem is under Blue Cross Blue Shield.

What is Beacon company?

Beacon is a digital supply chain and freight platform. Our mission is to help businesses simplify and optimise their supply chains with end-to-end visibility, payments, and insights.

What is Beacon Medi-Cal?

​​ ​PHC has partnered with Beacon Health Options (Beacon) to help manage mental health benefits for PHC Medi-Cal Members with mild to moderate mental health conditions in need of outpatient mental health services. Calls related to outpatient mental health services can be connected to Beacon at (855) 765-9703.

What therapy does Medi-Cal cover?