Does 102 Jamz have an app?

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Does 102 Jamz have an app?

Listen to WJMH – 102 Jamz 102.1 FM and many more radio stations with the radio app – completely for free.

Is Bdaht still on 102 Jamz?

Brian “B Daht” McLaughlin is comedian and morning radio show host on 102 JAMZ who has also been on MTV.

Who left 102 Jamz?

Host Kyle Santillian
Radio Veteran, Host Kyle Santillian talks about his exit from WJMH 102 Jamz and what he’s working on next.

Who is Bdhat?

Brian McLaughlin, better known as B Daht (pronounced “B-dot”), is the “official host of Carolina basketball” this season.

What happened on 102 Jamz?

COMMUNITY MOURNS DEATH OF POPULAR 102 JAMZ RADIO PERSONALITY Flemming, 31, of Orlando, whose on-air pseudonym on WJHM-FM was “Break-A-Dawn,” died Wednesday after pregnancy-related complications.

When did 102 Jamz start?

WJMH, “102 JAMZ,” is a mainstream urban-leaning rhythmic contemporary FM radio station serving the Piedmont Triad region, with a hip hop-intense playlist….WJMH.

Reidsville, North Carolina
First air date 1947
Former call signs WREV-FM (1947–66) WWMO (1966–87) WBIG (1987–89)
Call sign meaning Approximation of JAMZ

What is the hip hop station in North Carolina?

102 JAMZ got started in 1989, after petering out as a country music station.

What’s an R&B station in North Carolina?

Power 98 FM – Charlotte’s Plug For New Hip-Hop and R&B, Power 98!

What is an R&B station in North Carolina?

V 101.9 WBAV – Your Favorite Throwbacks And Today’s R&B, V101.

What’s the black radio station in Charlotte North Carolina?

105.3 RNB, WOSF 105.3 FM, Charlotte, NC | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

What is the rap station in North Carolina?

WKNC 88.1 FM (5/5) WXYC 89.3 (4.5/5) WQTS Digital Radio (0/5)

What happened to 92.7 the block in Charlotte NC?

“The Block” was moved to the HD2 channel of WOSF, as well as translator station W273DA (102.5 FM), on February 28, 2022; following a transition period, 92.7 became an FM simulcast of WFNZ on March 1, a role previously served by the 102.5 facility.

What is the rap station in Raleigh NC?

How much does it cost to advertise on Radio One?

How much does it cost to advertise on Radio One. Advertising in a 10 second spot can be as little Rs. 200 or as much as Rs. 1500, depending on their audience size, location and the time of day the ad runs.

What’s the R&B station in North Carolina?

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