Do all Smith and Wesson revolvers have internal locks?

Published by Anaya Cole on

Do all Smith and Wesson revolvers have internal locks?

Though today’s political situation is much different than it was 14 years ago, the S&W revolver locks remain. Similar locking devices have shown up on a few S&W semi-auto pistols and long guns, but almost every new revolver from the company includes the infamous internal lock.

Do Smith and Wesson revolvers have safeties?

The short answer is no, revolvers do not have safeties in the same way some semi-automatic pistols do. There isn’t a switch or other device to press before the revolver can be fired.

When did Smith put locks on revolvers?

The lock I’m referring to, of course, is the Internal Locking System (ILS) on Smith & Wesson revolvers, which was added to virtually the entire line, starting in 2001.

Which revolver has a safety?

Most modern double-action revolvers have an internal safety, either a hammer block or a transfer bar, that positively prevents firing without the trigger being pulled.

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