Can you wax Venetian plaster?

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Can you wax Venetian plaster?

D’arte Wax is a protective wax treatment for interior surfaces that have been coated with Venetian Plaster. This is our most popular wax and suited to most products in the Venetian Range.

How do you seal Venetian plaster?

Preserve the texture of your Venetian plaster finish by covering it with one coat of a clear water-based sealant using a roller. If you’re after the look of polished marble, choose a sealant with a semi-gloss or satin finish. To get the look of limestone, choose a matte sealant.

Can you put wax on plaster?

Use Punic Wax as either a matt or (after polishing) shiny wax coating for polished plasters. You can also use it as an addition to casein marble flour paint or glue-bound distemper for spattle techniques and apply to various coatings for a polished, protective finish.

Does Venetian plaster need to be sealed?

We recommend sealing it outside. You can even use it in shower stalls (over Marmorino, Stucco or cement for durability). Depending on how you apply it, a 5 gallon bucket will cover about 300 square feet. That’s both coats included.

What is Punic wax?

Punic Wax is a soap based on beeswax with a creamy consistency. The beeswax is molten, cleaned and then bleached over active charcoal and Fuller’s earth using a special method. In a process developed by KREIDEZEIT the bleached wax is saponified with potash so that it is partly water soluble and easy to apply.

Can you use beeswax on Venetian plaster?

Waxing is the traditional method of sealing Venetian Plaster, with waxes like beeswax being used for hundreds of years. It is typically applied in much the same way that the plaster itself is applied, before being burnished and polished. The wax can be tinted to colour the plaster or left clear for a more natural look.

How do you fix crazing?

Crazing can often be eliminated simply by applying a thinner glaze coat. With some glazes, a thinner coat is not an option, but often a slight decrease in glaze thickness will stop crazing.

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