Can you use first Kernow tickets on transport for Cornwall?

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Can you use first Kernow tickets on transport for Cornwall?

T&Cs: For customers within Cornwall you can use your bus ticket on any* Cornwall by Kernow or Go Cornwall bus. Including services operated by Stagecoach, Hopleys, OTS and Travel Cornwall (within the county boundary).

Can I use my first bus pass on transport for Cornwall?

From 1 April 2019 your bus pass allows you to travel free of charge at anytime on the majority of services within Cornwall. You can use your bus pass to travel on bus services outside of Cornwall between 0930 and 2300 Monday to Friday.

How much is a taxi from Peterborough to Bourne?

The quickest way to get from Peterborough to Bourne is to taxi which costs £35 – £45 and takes 20 min.

Where can I buy a nightrider Gold Ticket?

Our nightrider gold ticket can be purchased and used on most Stagecoach South routes across Hampshire, Surrey, Brighton & West Sussex for evening services after 19:00. Tickets issued before midnight are valid until end of service, whilst those after midnight are only valid in the early hours of the morning of issue.

What is a blank Rider Ticket?

Blank Rider Tickets serve their Riders as a method of chasing down an Imagin that leapt into the host’s past, accomplished by scanning the blank card on the host’s forehead, with the Imagin and the date he/she went to being displayed.

Can You Buy Gold Reef City tickets at the gate?

Online bookings only – No tickets available to purchase at the gate as of 1 April 2021. One Price Ticket For A Full Day Of Value! The much-loved, multi award-winning spot Gold Reef City is – without doubt – the best value you’ll get for a full day of entertainment anywhere in Jozi.

Can you share DayRider tickets with friends?

Child dayrider tickets Children under 16 are eligible for a child dayrider ticket. It allows one day’s unlimited travel in your chosen zone or zones. You can share dayrider tickets with your family and friends when you’re not using them. nightrider gold Out with friends for the evening and don’t want to pay for a whole day of travel?