Can you surf in Portugal now?

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Can you surf in Portugal now?

Yes, Portugal is a year-round surfing destination, but each season has its particularities. For beginners, the best time to go is during summer, between May and September. This is when the swells are less frequent and the waves are smaller.

Can beginners surf Nazare?

Just a mention of Nazare surf is enough to strike fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned riders. But this big-wave mecca isn’t always mighty. It’s still not the place for a beginner’s trip, though.

Can I surf in Porto?

Porto and Matosinhos share a large urban beach that offers more than 300 days of surfing per year. Porto-Matosinhos is the only Portuguese beach that is accessible by subway. And with thousands of visiting European students on exchange programs, the spot is truly an international surf nation.

Can beginners surf in Nazaré?

What are surf camps like?

Overall, surf camps/surf hotels are essentially steal-of-a-deal packages that include accommodation, food, a community vibe, and surf lessons all in one. These surfing travel packages are unique for each company and location, but overall provide surfers with the same unforgettable experience.

Is there money in surfing?

Why? Because the average annual income of the number one QS surfer in the world is around $65,000. The winner of each of the QS 10,000 events gets $30,000 in prize money.

Does Nazare always have big waves?

Want to see the BIG waves of Nazaré live? The latest attraction of Nazare, Portugal – the giant waves – is both unique and uncertain. Well, the big waves are not always there, they depend on the storms on the high seas that bring the big swells.

Where to surf in Mozambique?

Mozambique Surf Spots: Barra Beach: At Inhambane you find a nice beach break at the end of the long sand pit. Guinjala Bay: Another point break is situated in Guinjala Bay on the east coast 20 kilometers south of Inhambane near Praia de Jangamo.

Where is the best place to surf in Portugal?

Don’t surf the point in the beginning of the bay as there is rock right underneath the surface there Ponta d’Ouro: This point break 150 kilometers south of Maputo offers long world class surf when working. Just be careful about the rips.

Where is the best place to surf Inhambane?

Tofinho: In the southern end of the eastward beach in Praia Tofo just east of Inhambane you find this point break. It is the break at the small point. Don’t surf the point in the beginning of the bay as there is rock right underneath the surface there.

Is there a surf camp near Turtle Cove?

There is a few surf camps and tour operators around. Check out Ticket To Ride Travel or Turtle Cove if you want someone to show you around. For more info about Tofo, check out

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