Can you seal resurfaced concrete?

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Can you seal resurfaced concrete?

Any surface that is not smooth due to pitting, cracks, erosion, or spalling must be patched and repaired or resurfaced completely before applying a sealer. Allow for appropriate drying time of any repair materials used.

How do you use a Dunlop concrete resurfacer?

It can be used over the surface of exisiting concrete to produce a new wear layer as well as to fill in small surface defects such as spalls and gouges. Resurfacing concrete has never been so easy to refresh old concrete surfaces, especially driveways….Dunlop Concrete Resurfacer.

Colour Size Item Code
Concrete Grey 10kg 22929

How do I resurface my garage floor?

Clean the slab and fill deep holes and cracks

  1. Clean the slab and fill deep holes and cracks. Start with a clean floor.
  2. Remove the loose stuff.
  3. Concrete Floor Patch: Fill cracks, craters, divots and pits.
  4. Create a dam.
  5. Spread it smooth, then let it set.

How do you resurface a concrete garage floor?

Can you add a thin layer of concrete?

How Thin Can You Pour Concrete Over Existing Concrete? The thinnest that is usually used when pouring concrete, in general, is about 2 to 2 ½ inches. That also applies to this pouring new concrete over old concrete. Any thinner than 2 inches would be too thin.

How thick can you apply quikrete concrete resurfacer?

One 40 lb (18.1 kg) bag of Re-Cap® Concrete Resurfacer will cover approximately 16 ft2 (1.5 m2) of surface at a thickness of 1/4 in (6.3 mm) or approximately 65 ft2 (6.0 m2) per bag when applied at the 1/16 in (1.6 mm) thickness with a broom or squeegee.

What can I cover old concrete with?

Cover Your Concrete Patio – Ideas

  1. Inexpensive Concrete Cover Up Idea with Paint.
  2. Fake A Concrete Patio Cover Up With Stain.
  3. How to Cover Your Patio with Paint and Make It look Like Tile.
  4. Use Pavers to Cover Your Concrete Patio.
  5. Use Tile To Cover a Concrete Patio.
  6. Concrete Patio Idea – Cover Up with a Deck!

Why choose Dunlop flooring?

Renowned for their sustainable practises and stringently monitored manufacturing processes, Dunlop Flooring are dedicated to providing high quality carpet underlay and hard flooring products for both residential and commercial markets. Dunlop Flooring is committed to playing our part in reducing landfill and our overall impact on the environment.

What is the best garage flooring for a garage?

Epoxy is one of the best garage flooring choices for garages that need a strong floor. Epoxy generally comes in 2 parts that mix together, forming an extremely hard, transparent material. You can add colors or materials in to achieve texturing, or simply leave it as-is.

Can you use Dunlop LX 360 on timber floors?

Flexible and fibre-reinforced, Dunlop LX-360 Fibre Leveller is an all-around smoothing and levelling compound which can be laid from 3mm up to 60mm. Thanks to its innovative formulation is can be used over timber floors and underfloor heating, creating the perfect surface for tiles or soft coverings.

Does Dunlop recycle carpet underlay?

We recycle carpet underlay, and use recycled content within our underlay products. Dunlop underlays are made of 90% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. What’s more, we manage our own recycling program, Recycle by Dunlop, encouraging retailers to return their used underlay to us.

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