Can you interview for Global Entry at RDU?

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Can you interview for Global Entry at RDU?

RDU is participating member of Global Entry, a federal trusted traveler program, which provides expedited re-entry into the U.S. in exchange for a fee and additional background and security checks. Part of the Global Entry registration process is an in person interview.

What do I need to bring to my Global Entry interview?

You will need to bring your valid passport(s) and one other form of identification, such as a driver’s license or ID card to the interview. If you are a lawful permanent resident, you must present your machine-readable permanent resident card.

Can I do my Global Entry interview at any airport?

Many people are looking for ways to get through security faster. That’s why Global Entry is such a huge deal. It gets you into the faster TSA PreCheck lines at U.S. airports. However, you may have to wait months before you can get an interview at the nearest Global Entry center.

How long does the Global Entry interview take?

5 minutes to 30 minutes
According to the majority of our Global Entry clients, the interview itself is relatively short and can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes (with most lasting approximately 15 minutes). If you have a criminal record though or have traveled to “flagged” countries, however, your interview might last longer.

How long does it take for Global Entry interview?

New enrollees will receive their Global Entry card 7-10 business days after approval for Global Entry.

How long is a Global Entry interview?

approximately 15 minutes
Interviews will take approximately 15 minutes. Applicants should be prepared to show the following documents during their remote interview: A valid passport. Applicants should bring all of their current passports to the interview so the information can be added to their file.

Are Global Entry interviews virtual?

Eligible Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) members can now complete enrollment interviews with a CBP officer through video teleconferencing, while ensuring that the remote interview process maintains high security and privacy standards.

Can you use Global Entry immediately after interview?

Your GE application has only been pre-screened, you are not approved for the Global Entry Program until after the interview has taken place. Normally you get your card by mail and then have to activate the card before everything is 100% ready.

Do I need to carry my Global Entry card?

Is it required that I request one? No, it is not necessary to obtain a Global Entry card to continue using your program membership at airport kiosks. A Global Entry card is only required for use at the SENTRI and NEXUS lanes coming into the United States.

What disqualifies you from getting Global Entry?

You may not be eligible for participation in the Global Entry program if you: Provide false or incomplete information on the application; Have been convicted of any criminal offense or have pending criminal charges or outstanding warrants (to include driving under the influence);

How long is the Global Entry interview?

Can I use Global Entry if I forgot my card?

No, the card is not required to go through the Global Entry lanes — this information is embedded in your passport number. You can also go through PreCheck without this card.

Do people get rejected from Global Entry?

According to the TSA, approximately 3-5% of the roughly 30,000 applicants that apply for Global Entry status every month will be denied. Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) in most cases will issue a written reason for the denial, but this is not always the case.

Can you fail a Global Entry interview?

With both programs, since you’re receiving minimal screening as a trusted traveler, in order to be approved for the program you have to submit to a background check and a personal interview. Therefore it’s not unusual that a blemish on your record — even a small one — can result in being denied for the program.

How long after Global Entry interview do you get approved?

How long does the Global Entry application and approval process take? From filling out the application to conditional approval to the interview and receiving your Global Entry Card in the mail, the process can take as little as a few weeks to as long as six months.

Should I carry my Global Entry card with me?

No, when you use the Global Entry kiosk, you will need to use your passport or U.S. Lawful Permanent Resident card. The Global Entry cards do not work when entering the United States by air through the Global Entry kiosks.

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