Can you do Singapore Zoo and River Safari same day?

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Can you do Singapore Zoo and River Safari same day?

Yes you can combine both the river safari and the zoo trips in a single day,. River safari is more relaxed one and will not take you more than an hour or so unless you are the detailed person and want to take pics at every angles and poses 🙂 Zoo has more shows to watch so requires more timing and has lot of walking.

Is Singapore Zoo worth going?

Singapore Zoo is surely a fun place to visit for all ages. With the variety of attractions, it’s one of Singapore’s best theme parks and makes my list of top 47 places to visit in Singapore. I visited this popular animal park recently, together with my wife and kid. And I can say that we really enjoyed our trip.

How long should you spend in Singapore Zoo?

To fully enjoy it (without being exhausted after or feeling rushed) you should dedicate a day for the zoo, approx 6 hours (including a break or two and feeding time for maybe one animal or so) and then you can combine the River Safari and the Night safari the next day.

How much is the entrance fee to River Safari?

S$ 40
Admission Tickets, Memberships

Admission ticket price
Adult S$ 40
Child Ages 3 to 12 S$ 28
Senior citizen Applicable for local residents ages 60 years and above S$ 20

What if it rains at Singapore zoo?

If the rain gets too heavy, hop on our tram or seek shelter in one of the pavilions around the zoo. You may also choose to continue your wild adventure at River Safari which is mostly sheltered.

Can I bring food into Singapore zoo?

Can I bring food into the park? Yes, while food options are available at our restaurants, we do understand that some guests may need to bring their own food into the park for various reasons. Wild macaques in our parks associate baby prams and plastic bags with food. These macaques are not part of our zoo collection.

Which is better night safari or River Safari?

As you are going for the zoo and bird park, River Safari is a better option in comparison with Night Safari. over a year ago. As you are going to the zoo, River Safari is a better option in comparison to Night Safari.

Does River Safari include boat ride?

Admission to River Safari has no height limits. Admission includes a Safari Boat Ride which you may enjoy the reservoir and spot for elephants in the distant bushes.

What is the best time to visit River Safari?

To avoid the waiting game and skip the long queues, you can take your lunch earlier or later. The best time to go to the restaurant is either 11:30 AM in the morning or 2:00 PM in the afternoon.

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