Can Time Capsule be used as NAS?

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Can Time Capsule be used as NAS?

Yes, this is possible and actually quite simple. To prevent the Time Capsule from acting as a WiFi access point or router, and use it only as a backup disk, just open the AirPort Utility app on a Mac (Applications -> Utilities -> AirPort Utility) and do the following: Select your Time Capsule and hit Edit .

How do I setup my Apple Time Capsule as a NAS?

Make sure that the Ethernet cable from the Velop node connects to the WAN “O” port on the TC. Open up AirPort Utility again, click on Other WiFi Devices, and then click on Time Capsule there. When you click on Time Capsule, that will start up the setup “wizard” to configure the TC.

How do I make my Mac mini a media server?

At least macOS makes setting your Mac mini up as a media server fairly simple. In System Preferences > Sharing, just check the Media Sharing box. You’ll be told you need to select a sharing service for the sharing to be fully turned on.

Can a Mac mini be a NAS?

A standalone Mac mini isn’t a NAS and doesn’t fulfill requirements of a NAS in any way. It can become a powerful file server when using external RAID enclosure and I’ve said it many times before. But a Mac mini in its purest expression isn’t a NAS at all.

How do I power up the second time capsule?

Now you’ve the physical Ethernet connections made you can power up the extending Time Capsule. To start, it’s best to reset the second Time Capsule to its default factory settings. Use a pen tip, or the end of a paper clip. Press into the reset point on the front of the Time Capsule or Airport Extreme and hold for 5 to 8 seconds.

How do I connect my time capsule to a difficult zone?

The very best way to do this is to run an Ethernet cable from your existing Time Capsule connected to your Internet modem to the difficult location. That way you’ll get 1 Gigabit data via the cable through put to your difficult zone. A much higher throughput than can be achieved with Wifi alone.

Why is my time capsule not appearing in AirPort Utility?

The Airport Utility will show you a pictorial representation of your network. If for some reason your new Time Capsule does not show up, click on ‘Other Airport Base Stations’ or your version of Airport Utility may say ‘Other Wifi devices’ Toward the top left hand corner of the Airport Utility screen, to ask the software to search for new devices.

What are the benefits of time capsule?

You’ll not only have Internet access where you need it, you also have access to the central storage space Time Capsule provides for Time Machine backups and file storage. And you’ll have reliable, fast Wifi for strong networking where you need, whether it’s around your home or small workgroup office.

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