Can Japanese knotweed be removed permanently?

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Can Japanese knotweed be removed permanently?

Contact a professional. Japanese Knotweed is extremely difficult to permanently eradicate, so if your DIY attempts fail, contact a professional and have them remove it for you.

Do I have to declare Japanese knotweed?

The law around Japanese Knotweed changed in 2014. The government states “You do not need to notify anyone about the invasive plants on your land. However, you should report certain non-native species on the Non-native Species Secretariat (NNSS) website.

Does Japanese knotweed affect house insurance?

Having Japanese knotweed shouldn’t affect your home insurance premium. Most standard house insurance policies will not cover the removal of Japanese knotweed, or repairs to anything damaged by it. As such, your discovery of the plant, whether or not it has originated on your land, should not affect your premiums.

What is the PCA doing about Japanese knotweed and residential property?

Following the release of the New Guidance Note from the RICS titled: ‘ Japanese knotweed and Residential Property ‘; the PCA has published supporting guidance on Japanese knotweed surveys and management strategies for professional valuers and surveyors.

What is the new RICS guidance for Japanese knotweed and residential property?

This guidance is specifically designed to support the new RICS guidance and to help property valuers and surveyors understand: the benefits of long-term guarantees underwritten by appropriate insurance. . . . To read the NEW RICS guidance note on ‘Japanese knotweed & Residential Property, simply click on the button below: .

What is the Japanese knotweed control and eradication programme?

The programme includes the two-day, modular course, Control and Eradication of Japanese Knotweed, which focuses mainly on identification and control measures for this nuisance plant species, but also briefly covers other invasive plants that they should be aware of.

What is the Japanese knotweed Ltd insurance backed guarantee?

As members of the PCA Invasive Weed Control Group, Japanese Knotweed Ltd are able to offer an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG), provided by Guarantee Protection Insurance Ltd (GPI) to safeguard our written company guarantees.

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