Can I use Denso Spark Plugs?

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Can I use Denso Spark Plugs?

Never use DENSO spark plugs in the engines for any aircraft, including airplanes, helicopters, gliders and drones. The DENSO spark plugs sold are not designed and manufactured for any aircraft: use may result in a plane crash or other accidents due to engine malfunction.

Are there counterfeit Denso Spark Plugs?

All DENSO Spark Plugs are manufactured in Japan, Indonesia, China and USA. If a part claims to be a DENSO component but has been manufactured outside of these areas, then it is not genuine. Counterfeit spark plugs may also have subtle differences in the logo placement.

Does Toyota use iridium spark plugs?

Toyota offers a variety of spark plugs designed specifically for your vehicle’s engine, including U-Groove, Dual-Ground Electrode, Double Platinum and even Iridium spark plugs. Below are descriptions and benefits of these spark plugs.

Are Denso Spark Plugs iridium?

The DENSO Iridium Long Life plug is fast becoming the standard for today’s high-tech engines. Properties of DENSO’s patented Iridium alloy have broken through the spark plug technology barrier. Employing a revolutionary new 360° laser-welding process, DENSO has created a spark plug unlike anything on the market today.

How can you tell a fake spark plug?

How do I identify fake spark plugs?

  1. Inspect font type and signs of smudges on the spark plug.
  2. Look out for a machine cutting mark on the caulking (could indicate a counterfeit)
  3. Check the hexagon for a LOT number and the correct font type.
  4. The C-groove portion show machine cutting marks (could indicate a counterfeit)

What type of spark plugs does Toyota use?

Can you mix spark plugs?

Misfiring due to excessive heat, quenching, increased fuel consumption and even engine failure can occur from the use of incorrect or mismatched spark plugs, so it’s best to replace all of your spark plugs at the same time, and with the correct type of spark plug, to ensure smooth and consistent operation.

What happens if you use fake spark plugs?

With poor ignition causing poor fuel economy and poor engine start up, the fake spark plugs’ low grade composition causes them to overheat quickly. Drivers will notice a major drop in engine power, particularly under heavy acceleration or load.

How to spot counterfeit Denso spark plugs?

DENSO spark plugs (specific spec) are equipped with high quality chips. For counterfeits, the chip on the ground electrode is either missing or made of cheap copper materials. DENSO spark plug has standard and homogeneous shape of the chip on the ground electrode.

Are Denso plugs good?

The other – Denso’s legendary TT plugs. These two are easily the best platinum plugs on the market in terms of performance, manufacture, and reliability. Best platinum spark plugs out there. Durable, good performance, A+ style NGK design. Every spark plug has its gap – the distance between its two electrodes, center and ground.

Does Denso make the OEM spark plug wires?

Spark Plug – Toyota 20R,22R,22RE,4MG,5MG (1975-1995) OEM Spark Plug (W16EXRU) 90919-01064. Brand: Genuine Toyota . Copper Resistor: Denso is the OE supplier to Toyota for spark plugs. Spark plugs are sold individually.

How do I “read” a spark plug?


  • Carbon fouled
  • Oil deposits
  • Wet
  • Burned
  • Worn electrodes
  • Broken electrodes
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