Are Yi Jin and Yu Rim dating?

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Are Yi Jin and Yu Rim dating?

They stayed in a long-distance relationship and would visit each other often. After being together for ten years, they got married when Yu Rim returned to Korea. After struggling for many years, Yu Rim finally got the happy ending she deserved.

Do Yi Jin and Hee Do kiss?

Why Did Yi Jin Refuse To Date Hee Do? Yi Jin was stunned when Hee Do kissed him in Episode 12 of “Twenty Five Twenty One.” Yi Jin had confessed his love for Hee Do, but it turns out he isn’t sure if he wants to pursue romantic love or platonic love.

Does Yi Jin love hee do?

Yi Jin and Hee Do could have worked together to make their relationship work, but they gave up on it. No, they didn’t think it through, but they did what they wanted to at that moment. Many viewers resort to Kdramas to escape from reality, but this drama slaps reality in everyone’s face.

Do Hee and Jin get together?

However, what fans everywhere wanted was for Yi-jin and Hee-do to end up together. And while they thought that it would happen at the age of 25 and 21, it looks like that was when their love story ended. They have a huge fight and break up before Yi-jin moves to New York as their relationship starts to fizzle.

Who ends up with Baek Yi-Jin?

Over eight weeks, fans watched Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk) and Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri) fall in love, one episode at a time. As the mid-season hit, fans were given hints that the characters do not end up together. Their break-up is eventually confirmed in the Twenty-Five Twenty-One finale.

Do na hee and Baek Jin end up together?

Do yijin and Heedo end up together?

Who married Heedo?

Since the premiere of ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’, it was established that our favorite couple, Joo-hyuk’s Baek Yi-jin and Tae-ri’s Na Hee-do had not ended up together. Hee-do was married, had a daughter and had not seen Yi-jin in years.

Why is the title 2521 K-drama?

What does the title mean? It simply refers to the ages of when the two lead characters of this new K-Drama—Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk) and Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri)— when they “meet again.” Fans of K-Dramas will recognize the male lead in his recent work “Start-Up” (Nam).

Who is Na Hee-Do’s husband?

There are a couple of theories to help explain how Yi-Jin could still be Min-Chae’s father (and Hee-Do’s husband), but just when fans were starting to believe Hee-Do and Yi-Jin were definitely endgame, episode 14 of “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” threw a curveball.

Who did Nam Hee-do marry?

Do YiJin and HeeDo end up together?

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