Are there still pirate radio stations?

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Are there still pirate radio stations?

Although it peaked throughout the 1960s and again during the 1980s/1990s, it remains in existence today. Having moved from transmitting from ships in the sea to towerblocks across UK towns and cities, in 2009 the UK broadcasting regulator Ofcom estimated more than 150 pirate radio stations were still operating.

What happened to pirate radio Los Angeles?

LOS ANGELES — KBLT, the city’s highest-profile pirate radio station, fell victim to the federal government’s relentless crackdown on unlicensed broadcasters this year when it was shut down by the FCC on Oct. 30.

What is the radio frequency for Pirate FM?

Listen to Pirate FM on FM

FM 102.2 MHz
FM 102.8 MHz

Who started pirate radio?

The UK’s pirate radio story starts with Ronan O’Rahilly’s Radio Caroline back in the 1960s, famously avoiding the authorities by broadcasting from international waters, but it was really the 1990s that paved the way for pirate radio in this country.

Is pirate radio illegal in the US?

On January 24, 2020, Congress enacted the Preventing Illegal Radio Abuse Through Enforcement (PIRATE) Act. The PIRATE Act provides specific authority to the Commission, under section 511, to combat pirate radio broadcasting with significant penalties.

How do I set up a pirate FM radio station?


  1. Install the FM radio software. Once your Pi is up and running, you’ll need software.
  2. Choose some music. Get your tracks set and copy them over to the Raspberry Pi.
  3. Add an antenna.
  4. Broadcast.
  5. Tune your radio and enjoy.

When did pirate radio end?

By September 1967, the power of the pirate radio stations had all but gone.

Is pirate radio real?

Real pirate radio stations weren’t particularly rock focused. For those who lived during this period, the film’s fictional Radio Rock is bound to recall Radio Caroline , the most fabled of the 60s pirates. It started broadcasting in 1964 and enjoyed a brief heyday before a governmental crackdown in 1967.

What is the penalty for a pirate radio station?

Under the amended rule, the Commission has the authority to impose a penalty of up to $100,000 per day, up to a maximum fine of $2 million, against any person who willfully and knowingly does or causes or suffers to be done any pirate radio broadcasting, in addition to any forfeiture penalty amount that may be proposed …

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