Are there any memes about being an engineer?

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Are there any memes about being an engineer?

In the gallery below is a collection of funny engineering memes exploring all the sides of being an engineer. They are here just for good laugh and for recognition for current and future engineers. Let’s start scrolling! 1. Chemical Engineer

What is the ‘tired engineering meme’ All About?

The ‘tired engineering meme’ showcase the stress students go through in one picture. Saggy eye, not too clean shirts, a tie that has seen better days, and I bet deadbeat shoes on his feet. The engineer’s journey is one of effort but you can only smile or frown when going through it because the graduates claim it is worth it in the end.

Is being an engineer a good career choice?

Engineering makes a great career. Being one means having plenty of options and growth opportunities. It comes with a very competitive salary and there’s just no shortage of engineering jobs. Whether you’re planning on working locally or trying your luck abroad, you’ll surely be able to find the right job for you.

Do most engineers look like Walter White?

We may not turn to selling crystal meth, but most engineers end up looking like Walter White – by the age of 26. Better call Saul. 7. The Lynx effect Spraying yourself with deodorant is about the closest some engineers get to personal grooming.

Is there a Blu engineer who says Nope?

Updated 2 months ago by shevyrolet. Nope.avi is a short video clip featuring a BLU Engineer character from Team Fortress 2 saying “nope.” Because of its abrupt nature, the video is most often used humorously as a negative response or a curt dismissal in discussion forums and comment threads.

What does “Nope” mean in GIFs?

Animated GIFs containing the caption “nope” often feature a person or animal fleeing a scene in a similar vein to “abandon thread” GIFs. Nope.avi is a short video clip featuring a BLU Engineer character from Team Fortress 2 saying “nope.”

When did the word “nope” become a thing?

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, [2] the word “nope” as an emphatic form of “no” was used as early as 1888. It is unclear when the word was first used in association with fear and disgust online.

What is a good joke for a mechanical engineer?

Best joke for the pub about the engineer To an optimist, the glass is always half full. To a pessimist, the glass is always half empty. To a mechanical engineer, the glass has a Factor of Safety of 2.0

Do you have to be an engineer to laugh at jokes?

You’ll have to be an engineer to laugh at these engineer jokes! We’ve searched around and gathered some of the funnies mechanical engineering jokes and memes for you and perhaps our favourite anecdote of all time.

What is it like being an engineer?

All of that sounds super cool, but on the other hand, it requires a lot of time and dedication, firstly during studying and then at work. Which may leave some marks on engineers’ personal and social life which are not so cool when you look closer.

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