Are the O2 sensors all the same?

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Are the O2 sensors all the same?

Even though both O2 sensors are four wire, heated O2 sensors, there are definitely differences that the Motronic can detect. You must use the correct ones, whether oem with the correct length cable and plug, or the correct “universal” equivalent, that will require you to measure and splice your old plug onto it.

Are O2 sensors universal?

O2 sensors are universal in their function, but I believe they come in different size threads. Sense you have the O2s laying around I would crawl under the front of your car and pull the front O2 sensor and compare, if the threads are the same, you are good to go. Should take 5 minutes to pull off the front bank.

Is it OK to use aftermarket O2 sensors?

Aftermarket parts are usually not covered by a warranty. If an aftermarket oxygen sensor fails prematurely, you have no choice but to buy a new one. The costs can add up over time. All in all, OEM is a safer bet than aftermarket when it comes to oxygen sensors.

Can you use different 02 sensors?

Unless the actual part number on the sensor is a direct and listed (published) catalog interchange for your year, make and model, the sensor will not work as intended. The other issue is unless the sensor is really old, it should be tested prior to condemning it.

Are all oxygen sensors the same size?

Do all oxygen sensors have the same size sockets? You are probably right if you think you can or can’t. Yes, for the ones that need a sockets removed.

Are Denso oxygen sensors any good?

Denso 234-9005 oxygen sensors provide you with accurate readings and optimize the vehicle engine’s performance. Its high accuracy will help the engine to burn efficiently and give you an amazing driving experience.

Are upstream and downstream 02 sensors the same?

The upstream oxygen sensor is situated before the catalytic converter whereas the downstream oxygen sensor is located after the catalytic converter. The upstream sensor monitors the level of pollutants in the engine’s exhaust and sends this information to the ECU that continuously adjusts the air-fuel ratio.

Does Denso make good oxygen sensors?

Just like we have discussed above, Denso manufacturers are among the most reputable manufacturers of oxygen sensors. Their oxygen sensors are made with advanced technologies and systems.

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