Are Purdue fraternities dry?

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Are Purdue fraternities dry?

All Purdue fraternities, sororities and cooperative houses now have a ban on drinking indefinitely. That means no alcohol in chapter houses or at Greek-sponsored events. Student leaders gathered for an emergency meeting Wednesday night.

Does Purdue University have sororities?

A: There are 21 Panhellenic sororities here at Purdue; 7 multicultural sororities, and 4 National Pan-Hellenic- or Divine Nine- sororities.

Do Purdue frats haze?

“Fraternities and sororities are among the most regulated student organizations on campus and their members receive extensive training on substance abuse, hazing, risk management and bystander intervention.

How do you join a sorority at Purdue?

Students go through a recruitment or intake process to join a fraternity, sorority, or cooperative. This process varies by council and by organization. You can learn more in the Recruitment section and by visiting each council’s page.

How many frats does Purdue have?

Purdue University is home to over 90 fraternities, sororities and cooperative houses. The Interfraternity Council governs 39 men’s fraternities at Purdue. The Multicultural Greek Council governs 13 multicultural fraternities and sororities.

What is hazing alcohol?

HAZING . . . in. groups, teams, and. organizations. The withholding of alcohol at times from new members while current members drink serves to underscore the “privilege” of full membership, thus increasing the desirability of both alcohol and membership.

Do you have to live in the sorority house at Purdue?

Several fraternities and sororities do not have facilities, and their members do not have obligations to live in a particular place.

How do you know what sorority is best for you?

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Sorority

  • TIP 1. Learn the Sorority’s Mission. First, do a little digging about each sorority and learn their stated values, goals, and campus reputation.
  • TIP 2. Seek Out Like Minded Sisters.
  • TIP 3. Look for Diverse Communities.
  • TIP 4. Ask About Dues.
  • TIP 5. See How You Can Make a Difference.
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